As a parent in today’s digital age, it’s really hard to balance all the technology. With kids having more exposure and access to the outside world, it’s extremely difficult to know what products to trust. All of us want to stay connected with our kids as much as we can, but at what cost?

Think of them getting a smart watch (or phone) as getting their first car. It can be so exciting to have all this new freedom, but it can also be really dangerous if you’re getting on the road without the proper knowledge of how to drive the car.
We are looking at this freedom as their technology “learners permit”. We will help them build the skill set they need before we let them loose on the open road.

Technology is going to be a huge part of their future, and it can be really scary to think of them having exposure to cyberbullying, misinformation, and content they might not be
developmentally ready for.

Our family recently discovered Gabb watches for kids and it feels like the right first step for us. We will start with the Gabb watches, then move up to their phones before eventually giving them the real deal.

Our Family’s Journey to find Safe Technology

For the past couple of years, we’d been looking for a way to stay connected with our children in a safe and controlled environment. Our fear was that our kids could potentially have access to dangerous content, but we still wanted them to have the technology. We were so glad when we found Gabb watches. Gabb watches not only offer a glimpse into the world of technology, but they also provide a secure platform for communication.

As our kids get older they will constantly be looking for more and more independence. Knowing that they aren’t quite ready for a phone, it was essential for us to find a bridge between stages. For our family, Gabb watches was that bridge. It’s important that our kids learn how to use technology, but learn to do it safely.

In this blog post, we’ll get into all the features that make Gabb Watches a parent’s trusted companion and how they are redefining the way children engage with technology!

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What is the Gabb Watch?

The Gabb Watch is a nifty little smartwatch designed just for kids that packs in some cool features. Think of it as their first step into the tech world, but in a way that keeps them safe and connected. They always have a way to contact you in case of an emergency. 

How Are These Different Than Other Watches: Why Choose Gabb?

Two words: parental controls! We chose Gabb Watches for our kids because it’s like a safety net in the digital world. It lets them stay in touch without the worries of them stumbling onto things they shouldn’t. Parents have complete control over all apps and who their kids talk to via calls or text! There’s no risk of them running into explicit content or other potential dangers with this smart watch, completely changing the game!

Plus, the watch’s simplicity is great for younger kids too! It’s super user-friendly for both kids and parents – a win-win! Gabb is all about focus. It’s tailored specifically for kids with no distractions. No social media, no internet browsing – but it still offers all sorts of cool features (more on that in a minute). 

How Does a Gabb Wireless Watch Work?

Gabb watches each have their own phone number and require a wireless plan through Gabb (and paid to Gabb), which uses the Verizon wireless network. They do not require a cell phone to connect, like an Apple watch does.

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Features and Functions:

The most important feature, and our favorite feature, of the Gabb watch (or the Gabb wireless phone) is the parental control feature. With this feature, your kids can have up to 100 parent-approved contacts and access to only what you want them to have access to. You can lock and unlock specific apps, set “focus” times when the watch won’t work at all, and more! You’re in complete control and you can keep track of their Gabb device with GPS tracking at any time through the MyGabb app, for accurate locations when it matters the most! Let’s look at the features and functions of this watch.

The Basics:

  • Phone calls
  • Unlimited text messaging: These watches have both a keyboard feature and voice text capabilities for sending and receiving audio messages.
  • GPS tracking

Beyond Basics:

  • Gabb Move: A kids’ fitness and activity tracker.
  • Gabb Go: Kids can manage their parent-created to-do lists here as well as view their step counter, learn healthy habits, and practice responsibility in taking care of their own digital pets. My kids really love this one!
  • Gabb Cloud: Free digital backup service for of all your preferred settings and app progress.
  • SOS Emergency Button: If activated, the child’s primary contact is immediately notified. Super smart.
  • Kid-Friendly Apps: From the parent’s phone, apps can be added or removed. There are tons to choose from, all offering some sort of educational or other beneficial components. 

Another cool feature of these watches is the interchangeable bands. They come with a black band, but can easily be switched out with alternatives so your kids can express themselves. 

gabb watches for kids

Cost of Gabb Watches

Gabb Watches won’t break the bank! They are a totally reasonable investment for the peace of mind you get, and you can get an even better deal using our link to purchase (we make a small commission on our affiliate links). Get $25 off a Gabb watch or phone here. Trust me, the reassurance of knowing your kiddo is reachable without the dangers of other digital distractions is totally worth it. It’s not just a gadget; it’s a smart choice for both parents and kids.

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