Our love for Disney runs deep. Even when we weren’t annual passholders we still tried to fit in “Disney” as much as we could. We would grab special rates for Florida resident tickets, visit the resorts especially during the holidays, and our favorite was going to Disney Springs. I think Disney Springs is such an underrated part of Walt Disney World. There is so much to do there and a lot of things that are free! In an effort to help spread the Disney love I am sharing 15 of my favorite things to do in Disney Springs for free. I hope this list of free things to do at Disney Springs helps you on your next visit and as always I would love to hear some of your favorites I might have missed in the comments below.


15 free things to do at Disney Springs with kids

Free Things to do at Disney Springs 

  1. Free parking / Free admission / Free Wifi – you probably already knew this but it deserved a mention because it’s awesome.
  2. Splash pad – next to once upon a toy in the marketplace you’ll find a little splash pad to cool off in on those hot summer days. Bring a change of clothes or even a bathing suit for the kids.
  3. Starbucks -There are actually two Starbucks in Disney Springs but the one on the West Side has a really cool feature I feel like many don’t know about. While you wait for your coffee your kids can play with the cool interactive video walls. You’ll even see adults playing with them too.
  4. Watch treats being made – We love to watch the candy apples being made at The Candy Cauldron and look at all the special treats at Goofy’s Candy Co.
  5. Boat ride – The transportation at Disney Springs is free for resort guests. You can take a serene boat ride to many different areas of Walt Disney resort.
  6. Dino dig at T-rex cafe – next to the retail shop you will find a little sandbox with Dinosaur bones the kids can find. This is one of my girl’s favorite free things to do at Disney Springs.
  7. Basin – This store is one of my personal favs. It’s filled with soaps and lotions and my girl’s obsession: bath bombs. Come in and try out some of their salt scrubs and lotions and leave with the softest and nicest smelling hands ever. 
  8. The lego store  – you could spend hours with all the fun, and free, things there are to do just in the lego store. Build lego people and race lego cars you made are just a few of our favorites.
  9. Search for hidden Mickeys – One of the things I love about Disney is that it can be magical on your first visit and your one hundredth. As annual pass holders, we visit the park quite a bit and finding hidden mickeys is a really fun tradition for us. My husband probably gets into it more than anyone else.
  10. Free Chocolate – on every visit we make sure to get our free sample at the Ghirardelli store.
  11. Live music and entertainment – around every corner there is something to see and hear. From stages, to live music inside restaurants, there is always something going on. Our favorite has to be the dance party they have nightly with a kid-friendly DJ.
  12. Picture with the coca-cola polar bear – on the second floor of the coca-cola building you can take pictures with the famous coca-cola bear.
  13. Get squirted by stitch – Right outside World of Disney, there is a giant stitch on the sign that might squirt you with water if you aren’t paying attention. I swear my kids would play here for hours if I let them.
  14. Make a lightsaber – If you visit Star Wars Galactic Outpost or Star Wars Trading post you can make a lightsaber! They are for purchase but even if you aren’t in the market for one you can still have the fun of making it for free.
  15. Picture spots – There are pictures spots all over Disney Springs. Our favorites include frozen 2 in West End and Winnie the Pooh in front of Art of Disney


  1. I can’t believe I totally forgot to include one of my favorite free activities at Disne SPring when I originally wrote this post. I don’t know many who have heard of this and it is one of my best-kept secrets. Good thing I love to share ;) If you head over to bibbidi bobbidi boutique and ask them they will sprinkle you with pixie dust (aka glitter). My girls love this and it is completely free!!

15 free things to do at Disney Springs with kids

There you have it! My all-time favorite, and free, things to do at Disney Springs with my family. I know there are even more things to do but I tried to keep this list kid-focused since I do indeed have 3 young daughters.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Disney Springs? Leave me a comment if I forget something!

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15 free things to do at Disney Springs with kids