Every year I compile a list of some of my favorite items to gift to loved ones for the holidays. From unique gift ideas for girls, to the most loved teacher gifts, I pour my heart and soul into creating guides that will help you find that perfect gift. During our recent trip to France I fell in love with the street side cafes, fresh baguettes, and the overall culture of the country. That trip, and some of my favorite souvenirs I brought home with me, inspired my first guide of the season, gift ideas for the French girl. Maybe you have a friend who has always wanted to visit, or a family member who has an upcoming trip planned. The gifts in this guide will help you set the tone for their love of all things French!

Gifts for the girl who is obsessed with all things French

I fell in love with the country of France! We loved it so much we tried to bring so many things back with us but we didn’t have the room. I searched far and wide to find items here in the USA that had a little bit of French flair, and even some items shipped all the way from Paris! These French inspired gifts for her bring me so much joy and remind me of the special days we spent there as a family.

French inspired gift ideas

French farmhouse kitchen towels 

I love simple farmhouse decor. And adding a french look to my kitchen almost makes me feel like I’m taking a cooking class in France. 

Wine cooling bag 

No one likes warm wine. So with this cooling bag, your wine, or champagne will be the perfect temperature on the go. I saw these everywhere in the south of France and am obsessed with them. I just think they are the cutest way to display your wine at a party and keep it cool.

Paris breakfast tea 

One of our favorite parts of our French visit was the amazing breakfasts. Being able to bring some of the delicious breakfast tea into our home was exciting. Now if I just close my eyes and drink, it almost feels like we’re back in a parisian cafe. 

Fleur de Sel French Sea Salt

A finishing salt loved by cooks. This salt dissolves once sprinkled into or on your food, giving it the perfect flavor. I actually brought some of this back with me and was so happy to find a place to restock. Now I don’t have to feel so guilty about the amount I use everyday ;)

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne

I didn’t know how much I would love French wine and champagne. Since the holidays are all about spoiling the people you love, why not treat them to one of the best champagnes there is. This is a bit pricy for my standards but wrapped with the wine cooler bag and maybe a couple glasses, this would be such a thoughtful gift for the girl who loves all things French.

Cocktail glass

One cannot enjoy their parisian drink in a boring glass. You need these fun cocktail glasses. 

French Press

French Coffee.. Need I say more? I am a coffee lover! Our mornings in the French cafe’s were delicious. So being able to almost mimic the delectable taste of our mornings is a joy. 

Fromage platter 

I think we ate cheese with almost every meal while on vacation. French cheese is unlike anything you’ve ever tried. So getting a special Fromage plate to serve your lucious cheese to guests is almost required. 

French cottage sign 

This gold sign feels like it belongs in a French Cafe, or in a Parisian boutique. It feels French, and therefore I think it belongs in my home. :) 

French macarons 

These macarons are probably the closest you will get to an actual Parisian macaron. Those pillowy deserts are a favorite of ours. The girls couldn’t get enough of them.  

French cookbook 

We love cooking together. To prepare for our vacation, we enjoyed cooking French foods. And now with this cookbook we get to cook more of the dishes we loved while visiting. 

French inspired gifts

Christmas tree ornaments 

Christmas is a huge deal in our house. We have many trees, and the entire house is decorated. 

Adding a little French touch to our Christmas decorations makes an already magical time.. PERFECTION! 

Paris in a day puzzle

All of our favorite landmarks in one piece of “art”. It’s hard to decide if we want to glue, frame, and hang this up to enjoy, or take it apart so we can enjoy the fun of putting this puzzle together again. 

Parisian wall art 

I love the farmhouse decor in my house. But adding the Parisian touch to some of my rooms makes me happy. It makes it feel like we’re back in France

French market basket bag 

I loved the French markets. It felt like you were in an entirely different world. So to be able to use the elegant baskets at your traditional grocery store…c’est manifique. 

Fig tree candle 

Figs in France are like Apples to America. A very common and loved scent and flavor. You were often enjoying the sweet smell of figs in the air. Lighting this candle brings those smells all back. 

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Mini Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

I loved everything about our vacation. But strolling the isles of the pharmacies was definitely up there on my list of favorites. They offer so many products we can’t get easily in America. This dry oil was one product I thought I was going to have to stockpile before we left. When I found this online I was so happy. 

French pharmacy beauty bag 

Again with the French pharmacy love. I love all the different products they offer. 

Well did I do it? Are you in love with everything French now too? I really hope so, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re planning your Parisian vacation now. If you do let me know, I’ve got a few must tries and a few must go’s.

We also LOVE everything Disney, but DisneyLand Paris was such a new and amazing experience. 

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