I don’t dig Disney Princess sequels. Let’s be honest, most of the sequels I can think of went straight to video and are quickly forgotten. So as much as the idea of a sequel to one of my favorite Disney movies of all time sounded appealing, I was a bit skeptical. Dynamic characters and a mesmerizing soundtrack were just the tip of the iceberg (see what I did there) of why the original was so successful. So could Disney possibly meet that already incredibly high bar and actually surpass it? I wasn’t quite sure. So when Disney invited me to preview the film with some of the most seasoned critics of Frozen I know, my 3 young daughters, I was up for the challenge. Here is my Frozen 2 review and why I think Disney might have done the impossible with this sequel. I am also sharing what you need to know when taking young kids, what they thought of the movie, and why I might be a little conflicted when it comes to the soundtrack.


Frozen 2 Plot

The story starts in the city of Arendelle, with an upbeat musical number sharing the reoccurring theme of change. Elsa has learned to control her powers and is now ruling over Arendelle with her sister Anna, Kristof, Olaf and Sven. The mood quickly shifts as Elsa and her gang go on a thrilling adventure, chasing a voice only she can hear, to find answers about her past. The overall theme a bit more dark and mature compared to the first, was to be expected since its been 6 years when Frozen fans went on their first adventure with Anna and Elsa.

I found it refreshing that Disney chose to come up with a completely new storyline for Frozen 2. Yes, it still focused on Elsa and her powers and the bond of family, but the plot took you in a completely different direction from the original and even uncovered some lingering questions you might have been left with. Have you wondered what happened to Anna and Elsa’s parents? You will get your answers in this movie!

As they uncover more of the mystery in the Enchanted Forest you see the character development of our two favorite Disney sisters. One of my favorite things about the original Frozen was the phenomenal job Disney did with creating such dynamic and lovable characters. Elsa with her conflicted perfectionism and Anna, quirky yet loyal. In Frozen you fall in love and even empathize with the complexity of these characters and Frozen 2 does not disappoint in this regard. Even the development of Olaf and his vital role as comedic relief in some heavy plot twists was genius.

One of the characters that did fall a little short was that of Kristof. The attempt at a lighthearted relief, with his yearning to propose, from the very serious undertone of the movie felt a little misplaced for me. I will say I did love his song “Lost in the woods” and its nod to an 80’s rock ballad.

As the sisters and their friends start to uncover the secrets from the past you can’t help but feel even more connected to these characters. I think the tears started at about the halfway point and didn’t stop much after.

The ending of Frozen 2 really surprised me. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but Anna and Elsa don’t end up the way you always thought they would. It surprised me but felt it a natural fit, especially considering Elsa’s journey throughout the movie of finding her own identity.

Watching with Kids

So what did the real critics think? Well just picture 3 little girls with their jaws dropped and giggling out loud most of the movie. I mentioned above that I did find Frozen 2 to be more mature of a storyline, well Disney combatted that by giving Olaf an even bigger role in this sequel. He brought something funny and witty into every scene and I have to applaud Disney for doing such a great job of developing his character into one of the highlights of the movie for my girls.

I think the silly antics of Olaf with the incredible CGI and dynamic visual effects made this movie a showstopper for my girls and left them speechless. There was a point when Elsa pulled water from the ground to find secrets from her past and I was just taken back by how realistic it all looked!

There was a moment close to the end, where all hope seems lost, and the plot gets very sad. It doesn’t last long as Anna does “the next right thing”. This part might upset the little viewers. My girls did get a bit sad and started to ask a couple of questions but the mood passes quickly and the story quickly moved to a more happy ending.

Frozen 2 Soundtrack

I said I was conflicted and it is rightfully so. In the original Frozen, there is one song that stands above the rest. I am sure I don’t have to tell you which one, especially if you are the mom of young girls. In Frozen 2 I think most would argue “into the unknown” would be the comparable winner but I would have to disagree. While “Into the Unknown” is a beautiful and moving song I felt even more connected with another. “Show Yourself” gave me the goosebumps of “let it go” as well as the relatability and complexity of the iconic frozen song.

This movie has an incredible soundtrack of songs and I have a feeling they will be on repeat in our house for a long time! If you were in love with the original Frozen soundtrack this one will surprise you. Its unique and interesting and the songs are very different from the first.


Does Elsa have a love interest?

So when I shared on Instagram that we were going to see the new Frozen, I was bombarded with questions about one certain topic. I guess there have been rumors for a few months that in the new Frozen 2, Elsa would have a woman love interest. The answer to this question is no. I even tried to see if there were any subtle cues that would lead anyone to believe that she had any love interest in this movie let alone a woman. I didn’t get that feeling at all. This movie is about self-discovery and growth and the lack of a man’s love doesn’t automatically make her a lesbian. I personally am completely open to Disney incorporating a diverse look at love, and to be honest they did just that. Self-love! Familial love! Those are the types of love you are going to get to see in this movie from Elsa and I loved every bit of it!

Frozen 2 Trailer


So did Disney do it? Did Disney make a Princess sequel worth watching? I think so! I know so! Shocked? Ya, so am I!

We loved Frozen 2 and I think you will too. We left that theatre feeling not as though we were fed the same old movie in a different way, but with a new admiration for characters, we thought we couldn’t love anymore and an exciting storyline.

I highly suggest taking your family to see Frozen 2. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it as much as I did and know this will be a future classic in my home.


Be sure to grab your tickets because Frozen 2 releases in theaters on November 22, 2019


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frozen 2 review - what to expect when watching with your kids and what the movie is really like