I finally decided I was done with using the boring wicker baskets. They break in a week and they don’t spark any excitement with my kids, or myself. Why not get something fun for the actual basket that can be reused and something the kids can have fun with. I want fun and unique Easter baskets! And I have the funnest Easter basket idea.


How excited would your kids be if on Easter morning they saw a giant golden Easter egg waiting for them? When I say giant… I mean this egg is as big as a traditional wicker Easter basket. I know I would be excited, and my girls loved it when we did this for them. Do you want to hear how I was able to put this basket together? Well check it out. The giant golden Easter egg basket.


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 What is a giant golden Easter egg? 

I know what you’re thinking. What in the world is a giant golden Easter egg? And how big is giant? 


This golden giant golden egg is a 14 inch jumbo fillable plastic Easter egg. That’s about the size of a normal pizza pan for reference.


This plastic egg can be filled and closed like a normal plastic Easter egg, or you can choose to leave it open. Maybe even fill both sides?

giant golden egg easter baskets

What to put in your giant golden egg 

You’re doing this super exciting golden egg as your Easter basket. Now you could definitely just toss some candy and grass in there, but you want something as equally as exciting right?  But what is going to spark that gasp? The ohhh’s and ahhh’s when they’re going through it. I have the perfect idea!


Easter signals the start of the warmer temperatures.  Even if you live in a colder climate. The summer is coming. So why not start that season with some cute and exciting stuff.



Themed baskets- This also a great thing to do each Easter. You can’t go wrong with a good themed basket. It mixes it up, so you’re not doing the same old thing every year. And you’re able to get what your kids are into at that time. And you know they will be sure to get excited when they see what’s inside.


Unique Easter Basket ideas - giant golden egg

How to gift your golden Easter egg 

You could absolutely just lay this filled egg out, like you would any other Easter basket. But what do you do with those plastic Easter eggs? Yup! You hide them.


When I did this with my girls, I choose to go the egg hiding route. But I made it even more fun by including a scavenger hunt.


I hid clues in each egg that would lead them to another egg. Than once they had found all the clues they would find the grand prize. Their giant golden Easter egg basket. How exciting!

 Watch the video to see how the girls found their giant golden eggs

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I truly hope that I was able to show you just how magical and fun this big golden Easter egg can be. That it is the small things (other than this giant egg :) ) that can make your holiday magical and fun. If you use this egg in your Easter fun, take a picture and share it with me. I really love when you guys share my ideas back with me. It’s why I do this.


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