Every year I search and search for the perfect gifts for my little girls. This doesn’t always mean the newest and coolest toys, just things that I know they will cherish for more than the week after Christmas. My research starts with careful consideration of what they really need and is useful, as well as being fun and attractive too. As I think of quality over quantity, I am reminded that during this season of giving more is not always better. This year I am implementing this methodology into my gift guide for little girls in hopes that it will inspire.

Each year we practice a way of gifting that helps us really stay focused on what is important. The girls receive just 4 gifts from us.

Something they want

Something they need

Something they wear

Something they read

We have used this method for a few years now (read last year’s gift guide for little girls here) and it works so well for us. Each gift is carefully picked for each girl and that tends to lead to a Christmas morning that is filled with joy and appreciation. This way, they aren’t overwhelmed with tons of gifts that they quickly forget about and get pushed to the back of the playroom. When the girls gifts are more practical they tend to migrate to them throughout the year and that is a win in my book!

Gift Guide For Little Girls

  1. LOL DollsThis year LOL is the thing they are talking about so mama has a few stashed in her closet ;)
  2. Kids apron – I love this gift idea because it really falls into the “experience” category that I share more on below.
  3. Cuddle and Kind doll – It’s no surprise that we love our Cuddle and Kind dolls. Not only are they gorgeous, but the company has an amazing philanthropy behind it. They donate meals to children in need for every doll purchased. If feel good to know that I am also giving back with my holiday shopping this year.
  4. Magnetic calendar – Here is another school item hidden as something fun. My girls love moving the pieces and putting in important dates.
  5. Tea set – my girls love to have tea parties and this set is just too cute and great quality.
  6. Hunter boots – These boots have been on every gift guide I have ever made and there is a really good reason. I don’t think there are one pair of shoes that my kids love to wear more than their hunter boots. They are such great quality that I pass them down and they are really easy for them to put on by themselves (which is perfect for our busy days)
  7. Osmo Learning set – This is one of our big gifts this year because I have heard nothing but amazing things about it. It is a learning program for your iPad. Puzzles, games, art activities and my daughter even saw a fashion program that caught her attention. I love anything that tells my girls that learning is fun and helps them do more of what they love.
  8. Vintage sweaters – I am always on the search for unique styles for my girls. Over are the days of cute characters or an overabundance of rhinestones. When I shop for my girls I always ask myself “would I wear that?” and when I found these the answer is normal “YES!”
  9. Rosie Revere Engineer – I had so many books I wanted to include in my read section this year. I am kind of book obsessed and am always looking for beautiful illustrations and inspiring messages and this book has just that. With a message of encouraging young girls to look at STEM professions, this book is a favorite.
  10. Magnatiles – Another MUST! Out of any Christmas present I have ever given my girls this is the gift that is probably played with the most. I know the pricing can be a little high but I promise you will get your money back in quiet afternoons of castle building.
  11. Ada Twist Scientist – Just like the book mentioned above this beautiful book showcases strong female characters and promotes the idea that you can be and do anything. A really beautiful book for your little girl or boy.
  12. Some cute hair accessories – Not all bows are created equal, after 6 years and 3 girls I’ve learned this to be true. Check out my amazon shop where I share some of my favorite inexpensive hair accessories.
  13. Rey to Z personalized Hat – When thinking of what “wear” items I was going to include in this list I wanted to make sure I was thinking of those really practical items that my girls love to wear. That is where these hats come in. We love our Rey to Z hats and we get complimented on them everywhere we do. I love that they are personalized and have that really classic look. I even have one for me too! Use code BLINKS20 for 20% of your order.
  14. Instax  – this has been on my daughters’ wishlist for years and I finally think she is at the age where she can really appreciate it.
  15. Iloveplum tutu – every little girl needs a tutu and these are our fav!
  16. Craft kit – I love this kit and how it comes already organized.
  17. Microphoneperfect for our nightly talent show and fostering their inner Celene Dionne. 

More “Wear” Favorites:

  1. Primary.com
  2. Old Navy
  3. Alice and Ames
  4. Zara Kids


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More “Want” Favorites:

  1. KaZAM v2s No Pedal Balance Bike – Making sure you pick the appropriate bike for your child is so important. Building a strong foundation of skills and confidence not only helps them learn to ride a bike but helps them fall in love with bike riding. Edith is still a little young for a pedal bike and so this year she is getting this awesome balance bike. This is a great introductory bike to help your little one who still wants to ride but can’t master the pedaling just yet. Once she builds her confidence she will be ready for a more traditional bicycle.
  2. KaZAM Mini Trike – This is the perfect size for Hazel (1 yo) and now she can feel just like her big sisters this Christmas. Plus this is the cutest! I love the classic style and it comes in a variety of colors. We still want Hazel to be included in our family rides I am also getting her the ibert seat so she can sit right on my handlebars and enjoy the view.
  3. Play Kitchen – We have had this play kitchen for years and it is one of the most played with items in our house. This is a great investment that your kids will use for years.
  4. Barbie Camper – We actually didn’t get this for Christmas but it’s a great gift idea none the less. This is the transformers of Barbie toys, all kinds of pop-outs and ways to change it around.
  5. Doll House – My girls love this house and its big enough to use with their barbies. This dollhouse is a big one so you will for sure get the wow factor on Christmas morning.
  6. Trampoline – I was really hesitant to get a trampoline for my kids. I felt like it was just asking for injury but this trampoline is small enough that they can’t really launch into the air and I love it has the protective sides. if you watch my Instagram stories you know my girls are on this every single day.
  7. Baby Doll High Chair – A fun accessory for your little mama. Hazel loves this and is always bringing her babies bananas :)
  8. Outdoor Play House – This is one of my favorite Santa gifts. It is adorable and the girls play with it all the time. I am actually really impressed with how its held up for the last two years since it sits outside in all the elements. I hope to paint it one day to have it the same color as our house.

More “Need” Favorites:

  1. Beddy’s Bedding – Both my big girls have bedding from Beddy’s and I have to tell you that it is the best invention ever. Not only are the designs beautiful but the comforter zips up each side to make making your bed so easy. My girls love zipping their beds each morning and I love that their bed is made. I am so impressed by how soft and comfortable the fabric is and I love the comfort panels that make the comforter extra long on the sides. This is my top pick on my “need” list because I am so incredibly impressed with this bedding and I really believe this is something every mom needs for their kids.
  2. Backpacks – these are such versatile gifts. We use them for so many things and I love that my girls can be responsible for their own things. I picked these Princess backpacks because they are a bit bigger to hold more items for our upcoming trip to North Carolina.
  3. Bath items – This can be anything from shampoo and conditioner to a cute hooded towel. We also like to get them new toothbrushes and bubble bath for their stocking.
  1. Zoo Passes
  2. Gift cards to a favorite restaurant or sweet shops
  3. Little Global citizens subscription
  4. Aquarium Passes
  5. Bowling/roller or ice skating/ mini golf
  6. Classes
  7. Playgrounds/indoor bounce park

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