As a mom who has been breastfeeding non stop for the last 4 years I have seen my fair share of products. Some work and some don’t seem to help all that much. If you are a nursing mom or know a nursing mom than keep reading because  I’ve put together the perfect list for you this holiday season. This list has some tried and true products,  some new items you might not have heard of before, and everything in between. We all know that nursing can be tough so I’ve taken the guess work out of finding products that make your life just a little bit easier.

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gifts for the breastfeeding mom

1. Oat mama lactation bars – To be a nursing mom you need to make sure you are making milk. My number one tip for new moms is to make sure you are drinking  enough water but if you still need a boost I love these lactation bars. I noticed a significant increase in my supply and they taste great so I found myself grabbing them for breakfasts on the go.


2. Dear Loves Co Nursing Bracelet – Its so frustrating when you go to nurse and can’t quite figure out what side you left off on. If you happen to get it wrong then basically be prepared for a drenched shirt or engorged boobs. I’ve used apps, clips, all kind of things to remind me but I have either not been able to use it consistently or I just didn’t like it. I am so happy I found this gorgeous nursing bracelet, the band is stretchy so I can easily remove it to place it on the opposite wrist to remind me which side to nurse on next. You can see me wearing it in the picture above. My favorite thing about this bracelet is that it doesn’t scream “hey I’m a nursing bracelet”. It easily blends as a beautiful piece of jewelry and I can see myself wearing it long after my breastfeeding journey is over.


3. Covered Goods nursing cover – Its no surprise that this nursing cover made it on my list. I have several and I take them with me everywhere. EVERYWHERE! and I use them for everything. Nursing cover, shopping cart cover, car seat cover, swing cover, blanket, cute scarf, the uses are limitless. Plus I just can’t get over how cute it is. If you have used other nursing covers you understand the struggle. Other covers only cover the front so you are still exposed from the side or back. It’s  kind of annoying actually. This cover keeps you completely covered and it’s  easy to pull on and off. Plus a lot more difficult for baby to pull up and expose you. Grab one for yourself and one for a friend, she will thank you later.


4.Bamboobies – I leak, especially in those early weeks after babies birth, and out of all the nursing pads these are my favorite. I have the reusable ones so I just throw it in the washing machine. I love how soft and absorbent these are.


5. H&M nursing bras and tanks – Inexpensive, comfortable and cute. These are the ones I use and I love them.


6. Ity Bity Teething necklace – This necklace is not only good for your teething babe but it can help distract your figitiy nurser. Now that Hazel is a bit older it is so hard to keep her focused. I noticed that if I wore the necklace during nursing sessions she would play with it while she ate and was distracted a lot less. This is a great mom hack and Hazel loves this necklace even when she is not nursing. I just love how cute it is, the colors match with everything!

7.Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote – If you need to pump often for work or if you want to supplement for that occasional night away, this is the pump for you. This pump has so many good reviews and I give it a great review as well. If you are shopping for a pump I know how intimidating it can be. This is a great one and you won’t be disappointed.

8. Milk Screening Strips – Want to have a few glasses of wine your next Christmas party? I am all about not limiting yourself from doing the things you enjoy, in moderation of course. I always say if you feel like you can drive (legally) than you can nurse. If you want to really be sure grab these strips, they test your milk for alcohol content.


9. Earth Mama Angel Baby Non GMO Natural Nipple Butter Nursing Cream – The cream is great for tender or cracked nipples. I’ve tried so many creams and this one beats them all. Another great tip is to use your own milk on your nipples and let them air dry as much as possible. Remember if you are experiencing a lot of pain than you should speak to a lactation consultant. 

10. Breastmilk storage – If you are pumping then you need a way to store it. This set will make your life a whole lot easier. It has everything you need to store your pumped milk.

11. Blanqi support leggings – I love these leggings. I wore them in my last trimester (I talk about my must have for my third trimester HERE) and I still wear them today. I love that I have full coverage of my tummy when I have t lift my shirt to nurse. They are so comfortable!


12. Boppy Pillow and Cover – Everyone knows about the Boppy but do you know about Stella and Lu. I love their boppy covers, such beautiful prints and so soft.

13. Breasmilk popsicle molds – When you nursing babe gets a bit older and starts to get her first tooth use these molds to make breastmilk popsicles.

14. Milk Saver – I just recently had an “AH HA” moment. When I found these milk savers I was mad that I didn’t find them earlier. When I nurse the other side leaks, not anymore! Now I put in the milk saver and keep all the milk that usually goes to waste. Click the link to find out more.


15. Lil’Buds Breast Comfort Packs – Need some relief from engorgement? Warm these up and put them in your bra. You wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes.


16. Breastfeeding is my cardio tank – isn’t this the truth?!? I love this tank. I love anything that spreads amareness about breastfeeding. The more we see it, the more we talk about it, the more normalized it will be in society. I got this tank from Cute as a Button Baby Boutique. I can not even tell you how amazing this shop is. If you are looking for perfected curated baby items this shop is for you.

17. Breast Pump Nipple Cushion – I had never heard of this before but read tons of reviews and had to give it a try. What a difference it makes when pumping. It’s on of those products that makes that pumping time so much more comfortable.

Are you a breasfeeding mom and have an item you can’t live without? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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