So here I have compiled a girl gift guide for your one year old. Edith was a little bit more difficult to shop for. At her age there aren’t too many things that she is “asking” for and she has a ton of hand me down toys already. I am sharing some of the items from Christmas’s past that she loves and plays with all the time as well as some new items I absolutely adore.

girl gift guide

Gift Guide for your Little Girl

Lollacup– You might recognize this cute cup from Shark Tank. The VALVE-FREE sippy-straw cup allows infants as young as 9 months old to easily and effectively drink from a straw. This straw with weighted end makes it easy to use and get those annoying last few sips of any drink. I love that the straw cleaning brush (included) makes it easy to clean. I get kind of grossed out by reusable straws. This cool product is made in the USA: all parts are manufactured, assembled + packaged in the USA, so you can be assured of its quality. We are always in search of a good cup for the girls. I can’t wait to try this one!
Fancy Free Finery – This soft and feminine crown is perfect for your flower child. This floral crown is handmade with the most gorgeous felt flowers. A unique addition to our headband collection.
Baby Lit Books– These books are a favorite in our house. We already own almost the whole collection. I fell in love with the beautiful artwork and the girls love the dynamic storyline. They take the classic stories and make them practical for toddlers. This Alice book talks all about colors. Click HERE to get a look inside the book.
Kidcraft Vintage Kitchen– We got this gift for Lucille for Christmas a few years back and we were concerned it was a little too mature. We were wrong. We were even more surprised to see how young Edith was when she started playing with this kitchen. This is the one thing that all kids run to as soon as they come over. One of the best gifts we have ever given the girls. This kitchen is on sale right now for an AMAZING price. CLICK HERE to get this deal of over $100 off.
Janod Penguin Toy– This magnetic stacking toy is sure to keep Edith occupied for hours. Ok maybe there isn’t a toy in the world that will keep her occupied for more than 10 minutes but I’ll take what I can get. Plus this little penguin is just so cute!
Lamb Plush Rocker– Both girls got this last Christmas and they love them. Plus I just love the way they look in their room. Functional and beautiful, double win.

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