Our house is full of girls. Girls that LOVE to travel. I’m pretty sure we were traveling more than we were home this past year. At least that’s how it feels. So when it came time to start working on Christmas lists we knew that we had to incorporate our love of travel into those gifts. Things that would simplify our next adventure. So that’s when we came up with the best list. The items that would perfectly capture our frequent traveler hearts.So get your passport ready. I’m going to share with you some of the best gift ideas for the jet set girl.

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gift ideas for the jet set girl

Gift Guide for the Travel Loving Girl

What do you get for the girl that has once in a lifetime travel experiences? That’s the question we asked ourselves when making Christmas lists for our girls and for myself. We love to travel and knew that incorporating that into gifts for Christmas would lead to the most perfect gifts. After much much thought, I think we’ve come up with the most unique travel gifts for that travel lover in your life.

Travel headphones

Traveling can be long, exhausting, and overwhelming. I like to make sure that each member of my family has a nice set of headphones during those long travel days. It helps you distract yourself from the hustle and bustle that is traveling. Bonus points if they’re noise canceling too! Get them here.

Eye mask 

Another travel necessity! If you’ve ever traveled far from home, into a completely different time zone. Then you know how hard it is to adjust to the different times. This eye mask has been a lifesaver when we need a quick little cat nap, but it’s the middle of the day. It’s also the best thing for airports, or airplane naps for those long haul flight days. Get it here.

Palm Beach travel book

A beautiful home decoration to help remember your travels to this amazing and stunning resort located in the Palm Beach Florida area. Get it here.

Capri Dolce Vita

Another charming decoration for your coffee table or bookshelf. In this book you will be able to flip through pictures of the stunning isle of capri in the mediterranean. Get it here.

Travel perfume

While traveling you know that there are restrictions with the liquids brought on a plane. This perfect sized travel perfume is my go to. I need something I love and something that will pack well. Get it here.

Lightweight travel sized hair dryer

Packing light is my M.O. We travel with our backpacks and that’s all. So when it came time to pack for a long trip I knew I would need toiletry items in a smaller form. My normal full sized blow dryer just wasn’t going to make the cut. But don’t worry, the small size of this blow dryer doesn’t indicate anything about its power. It will likely surprise you with how well it will dry your hair. Get it here.

Weekender pill organizer

Organized packing is something I’m very passionate about. Once you’ve traveled with using just a backpack, there isn’t any other way. This little baby helps keep things organized. Get it here.

Passport case and travel wallet

If you’re a travel lover like us, you know just how important your passport is. This passport case doubles as a wallet. And when you’re traveling the dual purpose and minimalist design makes this a travel essential. It comes in so many fun color options. Get it here.


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Selfie stick with remote

Because sometimes we want a family picture. This selfie stick and remote makes your family vacation pictures a lot easier to take. It’s come in handy many times, so very well worth it. Get it here.

Carryon bag

This bag is a little larger than our traditional backpacks. Don’t worry. Transitioning to a smaller pack doesn’t happen overnight. I was super nervous the first time I packed using only a backpack. This is a perfect bag for that. It is a smaller suitcase, and can be used as a carryon. Get it here.

Content creator camera

We use our phones for most of the pictures we take on vacation. But it is nice to have a nice camera to shoot some special social media content. Get it here.

Electronic organization bag

Have I mentioned how much I love an organized pack? And without this, our computers and cords would be a huge mess. This bag has single handedly saved us when it came to packing our electronics. Get it here.

My favorite travel bag

If you’ve watched any of my packing videos, or seen our travel posts you’ll notice this is the bag I’m using most of the time when we travel. I took this bag on an extended vacation to Europe. I love it! It is a perfect gift for the frequent traveler that is looking to start traveling light. Get it here.

Packing cubes

I couldn’t make travel posts of any kind without having these amazing packing cubes included. These cubes even come in some fun color options. I don’t travel without these now. It makes my pack so much more organized and I’m able to pack so much more than I would without them. This is, in my opinion, the perfect gift to get a travel lover. Get them here.

Well did I do it? Did I show you some of the best travel gifts and stocking stuffers? Are you making your jet setting girl the best Christmas list ever? I really hope so. If you’re looking for some more inspiration for your travel lover. Check out my post about travel themed ornaments. There are some super cute ones in there that I know will spark some travel memories for you.

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