If you’re ready to start planning those perfect Halloween costumes for your girls, we’ve got some ideas for you! While there are an endless amount of costume ideas out there, finding the right one for your little girl can be quite a challenge.

Whether she wants to be a fierce superhero, a magical princess, or a creepy creature of the night, there are so many options to choose from. Below we’re sharing our top girl Halloween costumes, so you can help your daughter make a statement while trick-or-treating or at the Halloween party.

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14 Girl Halloween Costumes

We LOVE dressing up for Halloween! Some of these are individual costumes and others are part of our family costume creations. Keep in mind that you can easily take one character idea from any of our family costumes if that’s all you need! Here are some of our favorite costumes for girls! 

The Incredibles Edna Mode Costume

If your little girl loves Edna Mode from the Disney movie Incredibles like ours do, they’ll love this costume! We put this together DIY style and it’s so easy! Head to the post to see exactly how we made it. This is a unique costume you won’t see many others wearing. Check it out here.

Find out how we did it here in our post about this Edna Mode costume.

Miss Piggy Costume

This costume is easy and so much fun to create! You can use so many different outfits that you already have on hand for this, too! If you need a last minute costume this is a super easy one to put together. I give them full directions and links in my original post (linked above) but you can really customize this girls costume idea to make it your own. Check it out here.

Find out how we did it here in our post about this Miss Piggy costume.

DIY Monsters Inc Costumes

We love an easy DIY costume, it’s so much fun to be creative with these characters! This is great for sisters because they can each be a different monster. These DIY Monster Inc costumes for girls is one you can pull together in an afternoon. You just need a bit of felt and some accessories from around the house. You don’t need a lot of money to make a fun halloween costume for your girls. Check out the full tutorial on the blog post linked above. Check it out here.

Find out how we did it here in our post about Monster Inc costumes.

Wizard of Oz Costumes for Little Girls

These girls costumes were part of our family Wizard of Oz costume. It was so easy to make the Tin Man and the Lion costumes for our girls! This was one of the first tutu inspired DIY costumes I ever made and it’s one of my favorite. I love incorporating tutus to make our costumes extra girly and add lots of personality. Check it out here.

Find out how we did it here in our post about these Wizard of Oz costumes.

Hamilton the Musical Costumes for Girls

Our girls were so cute in in their Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schuyler Costumes from Hamilton! This was another family costume and instead of doing DIY, we ordered the dresses and we shared all the details on the blog post I shared above. Check it out here.

Find out how we did it here in our post about these Hamilton family costumes.

Willy Wonka Costumes

Who doesn’t love Willy Wonka? Two of our girls dressed up like boys in this family costume and it was so much fun! We used the skirt and a wig with pig tails to make these traditionally male characters more girly. You can always think outside the box when finding costume ideas for your little girls. Check it out here.

Find out how we did it here in our post about these Willy Wonka family costumes.

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Our two girls dressed up like Alice and the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland in this fun family costume! This was one of our first family costumes and we loved how easy it was. Check it out here.

Find out how we did it here in our post about these Alice in Wonderland costumes.

The Greatest Showman Costumes

These costumes for our girls were super easy because we were able to find them all on Amazon. Are your kids fans of The Greatest Showman? These are great girl costume ideas!

Find out how we did it here in our post about these Greatest Showman costumes.

Hocus Pocus Costumes For Girls

Possibly the most beloved Halloween trio of all, the Sanderson sisters, made the perfect Halloween costumes for our three girls! This is the perfect costume idea for families, sisters, or even best friends. It was so important to us to make sure the girls rally looked true to character so we opted or pre-made costumes versus making our own. It was pretty tricky to find the right ones.

Find out how we did it here in our post about Hocus Pocus Costumes for the family.

Sleeping Beauty Costumes

We loved these DIY fairy costumes for our girls to be Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather as part of our Sleeping beauty family costume! These are actually flower girl dress that we adapted into the fairies. We also used some matching fabric to finish the look.

Find out how we did it here in our post about these Sleeping Beauty family costumes.

Grease Costumes

These Grease inspired costumes were the cutest on our three girls and actually pretty easy to put together! 

Find out how we did it here in our post about these Grease family costumes.

Little Mermaid Costumes

These easy Sebastian the Crab and the Little Mermaid costumes were easy to find and the girls looked amazing!

Find out how we did it in our blog post about Little Mermaid family costumes.

Neverland Costumes

With a combination of DIY, homemade dress making, and store-bought costumes, we put this absolutely adorable trio of costumes together for our girls. Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, and Wendy were a big hit!

Find out how we did it in here our blog post about Neverland costumes.

DIY Costumes for Toddler Girls

If you’re looking for some really easy toddler costumes for girls, these are some great ideas that won’t require a ton of effort or money! I made most of these costumes using items I already had. If you have a last minute Halloween party then this is the perfect post to give you some really easy ideas for the perfect girl Halloween costumes.

Find out how we did it here in our post about DIY toddler costumes for girls.

Sesame Street Costumes

These costumes are so fun and so simpe to make, not to mention extremely inexpensive! You may even already have a lot of the items you need to create these! Believe it or not, you don’t have to be super crafty to make these either!

Weather Costumes

I loved making these costumes for my girls and would you believe it didn’t cost me anything? Even if you don’t have everything you need around the house, you’ll still get by without spending much at all on this cool costume idea! The rainbow is made out of cardboard, glue, and paint and I used fishing line to attach the rain drops to the umbrella. We already had the tutus, but your kids can really wear whatever base outfit you have that’s a solid color and matches the weather they’re dressing up as!

I hope these ideas for girl Halloween costumes have inspired you and helped you decide what your girls will be for Halloween this year!

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