Recently we moved Edith into Lucille’s room to free up the nursery. That way we could get Hazel out of our bed (even though I loved having her there) and into her own space. This girl room is perfect and I love the way it turned out.

Like with any big change I was apprehensive. Both of the girls were sleeping great and still taking a long afternoon nap. I was worried that this could change the dynamic. I wanted them to continue getting quality sleep and I wanted to keep sleeping too.

We had to tweak a few things about their routine but for the most part the transition was fairly easy. Don’t get me wrong some days naps are difficult because they just want to talk but for the most part they really enjoy being together.

Lucille has been struggling with nightmares and being scared before bed so I think having her sister there makes her feel more secure.

We affectionately call this THE BIG GIRL ROOM.

We never put away Lucille’s crib when we transitioned her to a big girl bed so Edith moved right in.

When we bought Lucille’s bed we bought the same one for Edith, for when she is ready.

It took us a while to find the perfect mattress for Lu’s big girl bed but when we came across Qomfort we knew we had to give it a try. We loved the idea of a foam mattress but we wanted to make sure we were getting a quality one.

Not only is this Qomfort mattress high quality it is extremely cost effective. It was shipped right to our door and the minute we put it on Lucille’s bed she jumped on and said “wow, this is comfy”. She is right, it is so comfortable. She very well could have the best mattress in the house. I don’t think she will have to pull anyones arm to get us to lay in bed with her as she falls asleep.








Our girls love to read so we made books the primary focus of the room. I love these shelves, they are deep enough to fit books, picture frames, and even some small toys.

These curtains are Black Out curtains to make nap time a little easier during the day. The frills add the perfect touch to their girlie room.

You guys suggested I make a clip holder for my girls like the head band one I made for Hazel and thats just what I did. We keep all the extra in the pink contaner and rotate them out based on what the girls are in to.

This dresser was the dresser that went with my crib set as a baby. We originally painted it this bring pink because Lucilles nursery was Navy Blue and bright pink. We are considering painting it a light pink or white, what do you think?

These words hung above Lucilles bed since the day she was born. She loves to read the quote to me before she goes to bed. This is one of many B.B. Designs signs around my home. Their quality is just stunning. I am having them frame this one for me so Ill post updated pictures soon.

I had been searching and searching for the perfect rug for this room. I wanted something that could grow up with them as their girl room evolved and didn’t look too babyish. Plus I wanted something easy to clean since there is always a mess with these two. I am obsessed with the stripes, the tassels, and that this rug is machine washable. This rug is the perfect addition and really is sophisticated enough to fit in any room of the house. If you havent hear of Lorena Canal Rugs, go visit her site now. They have beautiful designs and we are lucky enough to have two of her rugs in our home. We just throw it in the washing machine and its like new again.

Wondering where I got the other items in their room? I put the most of the items here plus a few more I love to make shopping easy for you.

We still have some projects we want to work on in this girl room but we are really happy with the progress we have made and this room is quickly becoming one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love watching my girls play in their big girl room and I feel so blessed they will get to make years of memories in here together.