I decided to surprise my girls with a fun new Easter tradition this year. We normally do an Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning and since we are changing that a bit (read about that here) I thought about how I could make our Easter egg hunt a bit different. That is when I came up with the idea of a Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt.

This is the perfect way to turn a potentially boring Easter egg hunt exciting. It’s simple too (I’m all about simple holiday projects).  It requires very minimal items, and can be put together in a matter of minutes. So read on, as I tell you about how I was able to put on a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt for my girls. 

Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

What is needed for the glow egg hunt 

This is one of my favorite new Easter traditions because it is so simple, and cheap. I know how important the price can be, things tend to add up quickly. But this Easter Egg hunt requires very few items, and there is a chance you may have some of them already. 

  • LED Easter Eggs. These are perfect for a glow in the dark easter egg hunt because all that you need to do is turn on the eggs and hide them. I was able to find a package of 24 glowing easter eggs online for $19.99. 
  • Egg fillers- Every good Easter egg has something fun inside. But we’ll get more into that later. :) 
  • Tape. This is an optional item. Easter eggs can sometimes break open, and you don’t want to lose any goodies in the process. So a small piece of tape to hold the egg togher is always a safe and good idea. 

Other item options 

Don’t have LED Easter eggs near you? Cant get your hands on your own set? Here is an easy alternative.

  • Plastic eggs. Everyone knows about these plastic eggs that you can get just about anywhere during Easter time. You can get a large package of them for less than $10.  You can also find fun animal, and special character ones as well. 
  • Glow sticks. Super simple and easy, and kids love glow sticks. They come in large packs, and are cheap. Add them to your eggs to get that same glow effect. Also, your kids can wear them around the house or yard after they’re done with the glow hunt. 
  • Finger lights. These are a great idea for a glow Easter egg hunt. They are small and will fit inside your small eggs. They can also be turned on and off with a switch if you want to be able to reuse them for a few years. I found a pack online, for $15 you can get a pack of almost 50! 

Easter egg fillers

What to put in your eggs 

Well, we’ve talked about what types of eggs you need, and how to make them glow. Now for the best part, the filling. I love Easter time because there are so many options for small candies that fit inside your eggs as a fun surprise. 

  • Easter m&m’s. M&m’s are the perfect little snack to put inside your eggs. And during Easter time they have the cutest festive colors. 
  • Jelly beans. The candy that Easter is known for. They make so many fun flavors of jelly beans now.  What kind is your favorite? 
  • Wrapped candy eggs. I bet your favorite candy is also in a small easter egg form. YUM! 

Alternatives to candy fillers 

Holiday’s don’t always have to be about candy and sugar. There are also so many fun alternatives to candy that you can fill your eggs with.

  • Crackers. Animal crackers would be the best egg fillers! They even have fun holiday shapes too. 
  • Dried fruit. They are small, and still make a fun noise when your kids shake the egg to see if they can guess what is inside. 
  • Fruit snacks. Don’t worry they make a healthier fruit snack, and they are about the perfect size to fit inside one of your glow eggs. 

Non food egg fillers 

Sometimes you don’t want to add food to your Easter eggs. Kids get excited about small trinkets and games as well. I have a few great ideas of non food items that would work great for this glow Easter egg hunt. 

  • Stickers. This one is great because you can choose either a festive Eater sticker, or you can pick a fun character sticker. Kids get so excited about stickers. 
  • Small toys. You can pick small action figures or animal figures to put in your egg, your kids will love playing with these fun toys after the egg hunt is over.  I bet you can even find some fun Easter toys as well. 
  • Arts and crafts. Depending on the size of your egg, you could possibly fit a few crayons and some paper into an egg. Kids love to draw and you could even get an Easter color picture to put in as well. 

Here are more of my favorite Easter items

The glow Easter egg hunt 

Eggs.. Check.

Eggs are glowing… check.

Filling.. Check.

Now it is time to start this fun glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. The beauty about this part is that it’s all in your hands as to how big or small you do it. 

  • Fill your eggs with your filling of choice, you can even just leave them with a glow stick, that is a prize of its own for kids. 
  • Tape up your eggs, if you choose to. 
  • Then you get to hide them. You can do this egg hunt outside or inside, that’s what is perfect about this. It really is all up to you. 

glow in the dark egg hunt

Make a game out of the egg hunt 

If you’re doing this egg hunt for much older kids, a simple egg hunt might not be exciting. Even if you have fun glow sticks in them hiding in the dark. You can make a game out of this egg hunt. Make it more competitive, and award a prize to the winner. 

  • Who can collect the most eggs? The winner will win a prize of your choice. Even if it is just a candy bar.
  • Put coins or money in the eggs. The person that collects the most money wins! 
  • A fun scavenger hunt. You can put hits in each egg and let them hunt for the hidden other eggs, they could even work in teams for this. The person or team to find the last hidden egg wins. 

I really hope I was able to show you how fun and easy this glow in the dark Easter egg hunt can be. It can be as big or small as you want, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. Cheap and easy is just as exciting! 

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