If you have followed along with us for a while, you know that we love dressing up together as a family for Halloween. What you may also know, is that our family also really loves musicals. So, if we can ever put together a family costume that is inspired by a musical, that’s a winner in our book! A few years ago, we decided to do a throw back dedication to one of our favorite musicals and all dress up as characters from the 1978 Grease musical. Here is a quick post on how we put together our Grease Inspired Family Halloween Costume.

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Sandy Olsson Pink Ladies Costume

Can’t get enough of this costume or this wig, especially on this cute toddler. She’s too much! Sandy is one of my favorite characters in all of Grease, so dressing up my mini me for this one was a real treat.

Here’s what you need for Sandy:

Betty “Rizzo” Costume

Another fun costume for the girls where you can be sassy and comfortable. This one could be thrown together with some clothes that are in most girls closets, with exception of the jacket.

Here’s Rizzo costume:

Patty’s Rydell High Cheerleader Costume

Here’s another classic look from the 70’s Grease movie, Patty. Our oldest was super excited to get to wear a cheerleading outfit this year. She’s worn it a few times sense and always feels very spunky. This one was pretty easy to put together, as we just purchased the Rydell High Cheerleader Costume right from Amazon.

What you would need if created separately:

  • White Sweater
  • Red Felt for the collar and emblem 
  • Red Pleated Skirt
  • White Sox and White Shoes
  • Pom Poms
  • Megaphone

The Beauty School Dropout Angel Costume 

This costume is from one of my favorite scenes in the Grease movie. When Frenchy’s Teen Angel advises her to return to school after a mishap in beauty class, she is surrounded by these metallic classmates. Such an easy and fun costume to add to the family group.

All you need to make this one:

The Classic Danny Zuko Costume

Our family costume idea wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Danny Zuko outfit. As the leader of the T-Birds, Danny had such a cool vibe and makes for a pretty good costume for Dad.

Everything you need for the costume:

  • T-Bird Jacket
  • White Shirt
  • Dark Jeans or Black Pants
  • Shiny Black Shoes
  • Lots of hair product

Once everyone’s costumes were all put together, that’s when the real fun begins. We play all of the favorites from the Grease musical, sing and dance together and get into character for the night!