After going through our Halloween bucket list, I decided I wanted to do something special for Halloween Breakfast. It’s 2020, things are totally weird and I just want to make this holiday as special as I can for my girls. Here are some of my favorite Halloween breafast ideas and I hope this list inspires you to make special memories this Halloween.

Halloween Breakfast Ideas

skull waffles - halloween breakfast board

Skull waffles

I saw this waffle maker and I knew I just needed to have it. It makes the most adorable mini waffles, and its pretty inexpensive. You dont even need to wait until Halloween to use it, we made sull waffles the entire month of October. Want to make it even more special? Make it into a Waffle board with some of their favorite breakfast items.

Halloween Breakfast Board

I decided to take my skull waffles and make a breakfast board but you dont need the waffle maker to do this. Just take some fruit (orange, red, and black are already spooky) and add in any breakfast favorites. If you bring in some candy eyes, like I do for my Halloween lunches, it is sure to make it look more spoooky.

Halloween breakfast ideas - Avocado toast

Spooky Avacado Toast

I saw this idea from @heathercoxzzz (who has the best Halloween themed food ideas) and just had to share with you. Ill be making these for the girls this week!

Here is my version of the avocado toast Frankenstein.

Here are some items to make breakfast time a bit more spooky

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Screamin Iced Coffee for Mom

With all of these delicious snacks, we can’t forget to include Mom’s favorite!

@mrsblinks Halloween iced coffee 💀 #halloween #icedcoffee #halloweenfood ♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

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