Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Between the exciting family costumes, and the spooky decor, and the fun meals for my girls, I like to go above and beyond. When it comes to decorating my house, I like to start by picking out Halloween decor for the front porch. 

The front porch is the first thing you see when you come over. It’s what everyone will see when they drive by.  I want people to stop and look in amazement. I want the haunted house look, but not on the haunted house budget. I’ve got a few ideas. 

Front porch Halloween must haves 

Having a home decorated for Halloween is a must for me, but it must be easy. I love the spooky and haunted vibes. It brings the Halloween excitement up to a 10! I’ve got a few inexpensive and easy items that will make your front porch feel mysterious and spooky.  

Halloween front porch


These bats are so realistic. Just a few folds of the wings, and a little adhesive and you’re ready for some bats on your walls. 

*Insider tip- I suggest wiping your walls off with a towel. Sticking them to a clean wall helps them stick better* 

Giant spiders 

I really don’t like spiders. But these giant spiders really do add a spooky vibe to your Halloween decorations. I love to attach these to the side of my house, like they are climbing up the walls. 

Smaller spiders 

These spiders are so realistic. Stick a few in some webs, or scattered on your steps. But be careful, they might scare you a few times like they did me. 

Spider webs 

No haunted house would be complete without spider webs draped on the walls and bushes. 

Witch hats 

These are one of my favorite decorations. They can be hung from the ceiling or paced on the railing. They are so fun. 

Halloween floral decor

I do love the spooky scary decorations. But I also want to add a little bit of farmhouse look to my Halloween decorations. And this Fluffy grass decor is it! 

Door mats  

No front porch Halloween decor would be complete without a cute little pumpkin doormat. 

I made the cutest little Halloween doormat! And you can do it too! 

halloween home decor

Did I show you how easy and fun decorating your front porch for Halloween can be? You don’t have to go over the top and break the bank to achieve a fun haunted house look. I also have a post on the best way to attach those large spiders to your house. They can be a bit of a pain sometimes. If you’re looking for more home decor ideas, I have a post that shows a lot more of the inside of my home, and how we decorate for Halloween