Decorating for any Holiday is my favorite. I want my house to scream Halloween during the months of September and October. How do I make all this work together? All the colors that go with Halloween don’t always mesh well from a design standpoint. How do I make this work? Using neutral colors like black and white are the key! Here are some of my favorite pieces of Halloween decor for the kitchen.

I want the decorations in my house to look like it was placed there with intention, except for the few toys and such that my kids leave around no matter what. Decorating with  black and white makes this “put together” look more achievable. And we all want to look like we have it all together right? Black and whie is your answer. 

Black and White Halloween decor

Using more neutral colors while decorating makes everything go so well together. So look for some of these black and white Halloween decorations next time you’re on the hunt for something new for your holiday display. You won’t regret going with this color pallet. 

Spider web place mats 

I love making my table look festive, and spooky. These place mats are an easy way to add some Halloween vibes to your table. 

Black cat ceramic plate

During Halloween, it is an unspoken rule in our house that we must eat on these fun plates. It adds so much excitement to every meal time.

This white ghost plate is super cute too! 

Ghost mugs

If you’ve ever seen my Santa mug collection, you’d know that I need some Halloween ones too. These ghost mugs are so cute and fun to drink out of. 

These matching ghost bowls too! 

Dish Towels 

Such a simple, but fun way to add some Halloween vibes to your kitchen. Even if you’re just cleaning up a mess with them. These Halloween dish towels are fun to have out during the spooky time. 

Cauldron bowls 

Any excuse I can get to use fun plates and bowls. How fun does it sound to eat your cereal or soup out of a witch cauldron? It just instantly puts you in a witchy mood. 

But be careful… eating your breakfast out of this cauldron may make you shout “another glorious morning… makes me SICK!” :) 

How cute would this large cauldron look as a centerpiece on your table too? 

Candy eyes 

Candy eyes are just a must have item in any Halloween lovers panty. It adds so much fun to every meal. 

I hope I was able to show you just how simple and fun a black and white theme can be. Decorating your house for Halloween can be fun and simple with a touch of elegance. I wrote a post going more into how to decorate for halloween, check it out! But if you’re looking for something a little more kid friendly that can also serve as decorations, check out my post about must have Halloween kids books

I also made the cutest little front door mat for our house. Can you guess which colors I used? :)