If you love Halloween like we do, with the holiday approaching, your minds are probably filled with thoughts of spooky decorations, creative costumes, and of course, delicious food. I put together a roundup of our tasty Halloween food ideas. From snacks to breakfast ideas, and lunches to pack your kids for school, you’ll have a blast making these and your kids will have a blast eating them!

Halloween Food Ideas

How to Make Halloween Hot Dog Mummies

These spooky hot dog mummies are so easy, so fun, and so delicious. They are always a big hit with our kids and they’re perfect for Halloween get-togethers! Hot dog mummies only require a few ingredients: hot dogs, crescent rolls, candy eye balls, and ketchup or mustard.

Get the super simple step-by-step instructions here.

Halloween Breakfast Ideas for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to start Halloween off right, these spooky breakfast ideas are what you need! The best part is that these are all really simple, easy-to-make breakfasts, which is always a plus, especially on holidays!

See all of our Halloween breakfast ideas here!

Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

halloween lunch ideas for kids

Need Halloween lunch ideas? Holiday-themed lunches are such an easy way to get your kids excited about celebrating! Lunches are the most fun because they get to open up their lunch boxes to a spooky surprise! These ideas that I’ve made for my kids were a big hit and so easy to pull off! 

Click here to see my spooky lunch ideas with instructions!

Spooky Smoothie – A Healthy Halloween Treat

halloween food ideas

There are plenty of unhealthy treats going around at Halloween! How about a healthy choice that your kids can enjoy for breakfast or a snack? They’ll love this spooky smoothie (and so will you!). The best part is that the recipe is totally customizable to your kid’s preferences.

Get the tropical flavor Halloween smoothie recipe here!

Creating Hocus Pocus Spell Book Brownies

Spell Book Brownies

We love a good holiday tradition and baking these brownies together is one of ours! You’ll love how easy and fun these are to make with your kids! If you’re looking for a Halloween treat to make for a school party or a neighborhood get-together, these are perfect!

Learn how to make these Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies here!

Festive Halloween Lunch Must Haves


Get all the tools you need to make the most fun and spooky lunches for your kids this Halloween! These items are a great way to up your Halloween-themed lunch game. These inexpensive and easy to find items will make decorating Halloween lunches so easy!

See the list of must-have items here!

Spider Pizza

These little pizzas are so easy and so inexpensive to make and they add so much fun to the Halloween season! This extremely simple meal is nothing more than a frozen pizza with a little spooky touch! Your kids will love them and their friends will too!

See how I put these spider pizzas together here!

Frankenstein Toast

frankenstein toast

This Frankenstein avocado toast is so much fun and it’s healthy too! It’s so nice to know your kids are getting some healthy food during the holidays! Halloween is so candy-heavy, a nice wholesome breakfast with a spooky theme is the perfect way to keep enjoying Halloween without over indulging! Make this for your kids or let them help create the monster themselves!

See how we make Frankenstien Toast here!

Halloween Cinnamon Rolls

These pumpkin Halloween cinnamon rolls are so incredibly easy and fun! If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween breakfast idea, there’s no need to look any further! In my opinion, the more simple the holiday food ideas, the better! It’s so much easier to enjoy the holidays when you’re not trying to do too much!

See how to make these super easy pumpkin Halloween cinnamon rolls here!

Monster Apples

Your kids will love making these monster apples! These are the perfect family activity or even a great snack for a kid’s Halloween party! Plus, they’re healthy, and we know this holiday could use a little more of those healthy food options! My girls loved putting these together!

Learn how to make these monster apples here!

Halloween Snack Board

This Halloween snack board makes the perfect after school snack or a great party spread for a Halloween get-together. I’m so happy to share how to make this spook-tacular Halloween snack board that will have your kids screaming with delight.

Halloween is a fun and festive time to get creative in the kitchen and try out new and spooky food ideas. Go ahead and have a spook-tacular time this Halloween by incorporating some of these delicious and spooky food ideas into your celebrations!

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