I love doing special little things for my girls. Decorating their room and bookshelf for each holiday, getting fun Halloween jammies, and putting together a fun Halloween scavenger hunt for them.  But when it comes to gift baskets and bags, I think they’re my favorite. I love putting fun new festive Halloween goodies in a basket or bag for my girls to wake up to. Putting these little gift bags together has become one of my favorite holiday traditions. 

This would also be a great idea for the switch witch. Have you heard of the Switch Witch? Read more in this post about how we use this tradition to get all the excess candy out of our house.

Do you “boo” your neighbors? This would also be a cute boo basket option. Grab my free printable for an adorable boo tradition.

It’s a ghoul Halloween 

My little ghouls love Halloween, almost as much as I do. I love to put together little gift bags with fun festive Halloween things in them. And any excuse to wear cute Halloween stuff right? 

halloween gift ideas for girls


Because you need something fun to put all these Halloween goodies in. Why not a fun witch or warlock cauldron. 


Such a fun Halloween themed charm bracelet. If you have girls that love to play dress up, they’ll love this. 

Cute t-shirt 

This little hey boo ghost shirt is the cutest. 

Halloween Jammies 

Holiday pajamas are my favorite way to celebrate. And these pj’s are super cute and fun. 

Glow in the dark blanket  

Such an exciting way to dress up a kids room for Halloween. This blanket glows in the dark, making bed time even more fun. 

Temporary tattoos 

I’ve shared these before, my girls love them. But keep an eye on your kiddo’s with these. You don’t want them looking like they belong in The Greatest Showman do you? :) 

Witch hats 

The best way to celebrate Halloween. With a witch hat. And since I’m all about everything having a dual purpose to make life easier, these could be used to decorate your house too. 

Glow rings 

Another fun little filler for these bags. My girls love to play dress up, so having these  during Halloween makes it even more fun. Having them glow makes them so much more exciting for them. 

Rain boots 

We live in Florida, and fall means a lot of rain. These are a great addition to our Halloween gift bags. 

Candy Bowls 

These little ghost bowls are so fun and cute. And of course they could be used for snacks and any other fun Halloween meal too. 

I really hope I was able to show you just how easy putting together a gift bag for your little ghosts and ghouls is. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top and expensive. Simple can be fun!  If you loved this gift bag idea, check out the boo basket I put together for our girls too!  Or when we Booed them, they was so much fun too. 

Or if you like the idea of fun Halloween pajamas, I’ve written about that one as well. I just know you’ll love it.