Fun holiday food is my favorite. I like to think of myself as a “lazy pinterest mom”. Anything to make the holidays more fun and exciting, but I don’t want something that is going to take me hours to prepare and clean up. That’s where these festive Halloween lunch must have ideas came from.

I wanted to add some fun to our everyday, borning meals. But how? Add a fun tooth pick, or some spooky napkins to a meal and it becomes exciting for your kids. Make your sandwich a fun shape, and let mom eat the leftovers. Whatever makes this holiday more magical for my girls, I’m here for it. 

So check out how I was able to make our holiday lunches more festive with these fun ideas. 

Making Halloween Lunch Fun

I felt like I was serving the same boring lunches every day. We love to go all out every holiday. Our house is normally fully decorated with spiders, bats, and webs for the entire month of October. I couldn’t let your meals be boring and drab compared to the rest of our house. What kind of pinterest mom would I be? 

I’ve got some super cute ideas on how to spruce up your meals. Check out simple and fun they are.  

Halloween Cookie Cutters 

Some days are busy and crazy and lunch ends up being a sandwich… again. Eating the same thing over and over again can be boring, at least for a kid. How can we make these sandwiches more fun without a lot of extra work? 2 words, cookie cutters. So many different shapes, the kids will love eating a ghost, black cat, or pumpkin. 

Festive Halloween Food Picks 

I love these because they come in such fun festive shapes and colors and it’s easy to clean up. I’ve made a food board or 2, and these are perfect to serve with them. Give each kid a few and they will love them. 

Halloween Lunch Napkins 

A halloween napkin placed nicely on a table can almost instantly make that room and meal feel more spooky and exciting. These pumpkin bucket, pumpkin, and coffin napkins are super cute and festive too. 

Maybe add a fun Halloween plate or 2 and your table will be all set. 

Fun Halloween Candy Eyeballs 

These have to be one of my favorite things to use when making fun spooky Halloween lunches. I made the cutest mummy dogs for lunch and these eyeballs would be perfect on top of them. Or what about on top of this frankenstein avocado toast? Cute, festive and delicious. This is definitely a Halloween lunch must have.

More of our favorite Halloween lunch items

I really hope these inspired you. And showed you that magic can happen at every holiday, and it doesn’t have to be extra and over the top. Simple additions can make your meals spooky, scary and fun. If you loved this, I know you’ll love my other post about Halloween lunch ideas for kids. In this post I have a fun (and free) Halloween lunch box printable too!

Or maybe you’re looking for more of a snack. I have the best Halloween smoothie. And it’s healthy! I love making healthy things fun and  festive.

And if you are looking for items I love for packing lunches that are not Halloween themed, check out these Lunch box must haves.