One of my favorite holiday traditions is matching Halloween pajamas for my kids. I do them for almost every holiday but I think Halloween might be my favorite. Ive looked far and wide for my favorite styles. I have included style for boys, girls, and unisex too. Check out the links below to find all of my favorite Halloween pajamas for kids 2021.

Halloween PJs for kids

Here are some of my favorite Halloween pajama styles. These are affiliate links and I make a small commission when you purchase through my links at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping through our links and supporting our family.

Pink Ghosts pajamas

These are some of the cutest little ghosts.

Gray Ghosts pjs

My girls wear these all the time, not just Halloween.

Mummy Halloween Pajamas

Who doesn’t love mummies.

Halloween Night Pjs

These are great to start the season off right.

Halloween candy Pjs

Super fun and all of my girls love these.

Pink Pumpkin pajamas

Not your typical pumpkins and we all love pink around here.

Pink Cat Pjs

More pink!  These are adorable.

Black Skeleton pajamas 

I happen to really like these, they could even be a costume.

Purple Halloween Pjs

You don’t see much purple for Halloween, but you should!

Halloween characters

This is a great roundup pair to cover the Halloween spectrum.

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