Ready to throw a Halloween themed party? I think halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The bats, witches and spider webs all over the place, the decoration kind of course. I love my house to look extra spooky around Halloween. 

Well my house is all dressed up with nowhere to go, that’s how the expression goes right? So I thought why not throw a Halloween party right? Then I started to feel like I needed some party decorations, not just my normal Halloween decorations. I’ve come up with the cutest Halloween party must haves. So check them out, and I will make sure your next Halloween party is spooky and ready to scare. 

halloween party must haves

I think I’ve got the Halloween home decorations down. I mean I’ve hung giant spiders all over my house. And had their web to accompany it. But what kind of special decorations would I need to throw a party? I’ve got some great ideas. Easy ones of course. Some that can be used for years to come, because that’s also super important to me. 

What to Need to Throw a Halloween Themed Party

Easy decorations 

I want decorations that don’t cause me a lot of extra work. And decorations that can be used next year too. I’ve got some great easy ideas that you can taken down for next year. 

Party fans 

A set of 6 holographic colorful party fans. They’ll add so much character to your Halloween party. They can also be taken down, fold up small, and can be used again next year. 

Fringed garland 

Line this black sparkly garland on your table, counter top or just your wall for a gorgeous spooky and fun backdrop for your pictures. 

3D Bat stickers 

I love these bat stickers. They are so realistic they spook me every time I catch a glimpse of them in the corner of my eye. A few folds of the bat wings and a sticky on the back and you’re all set. These can also be taken down and used for years to come. 


Who doesn’t love a fun halloween balloon. It adds so much character to your party. This witch hat is so fun too! 

Festive napkins and reusable plates 

If you’re looking for a fun festive Halloween table, look no further. These fun napkins and cute little ghost plates will complete your scary table, but in a cute fun way. 

I love these other cute pumpkin and coffin napkins too! 

Temporary tattoos 

Be careful with these.  My kids LOVE them. But If I turn my back they’ll end up looking like Scott when we dressed up as The greatest showman

Party poppers 

I love these. They serve a dual purpose. These cute little witches and skeletons  look like the cutest decoration for any Halloween party. But when each kid grabs one side and pulls. Out pops confetti and other fun goodies. 


Sprinkle a little of this on your table. Paired with those fun napkins and plates, your table is simply all set. Just be careful with it though, you may be cleaning it up for weeks! 

I hope I frightened you with all my fun spooky halloween party decoration ideas. I love to make ordinary things extraordinary, and extraordinarily easy. I hope that I was able to show you just how easy and attainable a Halloween party can be. It’s really the small details. 

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Happy Halloween. :)