Here we go with another Halloween costume inspired by yet another one of our favorite musicals. If you have not seen Hamilton, I highly encourage you to take the time with or without your kids to listen along to this very uniquely told story about our founding father, Alexander Hamiltion. My girls have watched it so many times that they have memorized most of the songs. Now when asked specific questions pertaining to the life of Alexander Hamilton, they can respond quickly and often in tune to tell you all of the details. This costume was so much fun for us to put together and was certainly fun to reenact scenes and songs together. If you’re looking for a great group effort, we hope you use this to create your own Hamilton the Musical Family Costume this year.

Family halloween costume - Hamilton the musical

Alexander Hamilton Costume

Putting together Alexander was pretty easy, as we found a great costume on Amazon. We could have tried piecing some things we already had together, but chose to go with a fresh look and remain more accurate. One of the things that we did already have is a black wig from our Edna Mode Halloween Costume. I was able to pull it back into a ponytail and create exactly the look we were going for here. The costume came with everything else we needed, even the faux boots that covered any regular black shoes to make it look the part.

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King George Costume

King George was the one that I was really looking forward to putting together and bringing to life, because I love his role so much in the Hamilton musical. Again, we got lucky with the costume for King George, as we found a great robe, hat and staff online. We were also able to find a very comparable George Washington wig on Amazon. I then found a shirt and the jacket that I used for our Greatest Showman inspired Halloween Costume. Now, I finished the costume off with a pair of red sweatpants, some long white socks, and pointy shoes that we made some buckles on. We made the buckles out of cardboard and glitter glue.

Watch how excited I was to bring this one to life, HaHa:


Reply to @crmarin I definitely didn’t do as well as the girls did, but I tried 😅 #tiktokhalloween #halloweencostume #hamilton

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Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schuyler Costumes

Each of the girls had already chosen their particular Schuyler Sister to be far before we began on the costume hunt. They had already performed so many times with their own rendition of the dresses, making sure they had all of the lyrics right and moves down. You would often find them in the living room, starting and stopping the scenes from Hamilton the musical so that they could get their performance broadway ready. It was a really fun time and such greatly memories together!

Because this was such a special costume for the girls that they have been looking forward to for a long time, we made a special request. We found a wonderful shop on Etsy that made the girls their very own versions of the Schuyler Sisters’ dresses that they could wear and cherish for years to come. They were so excited when they arrived and they didn’t take them off for a week straight, making extra special performances like the one below.

Angelica Schuyler Dress

Eliza Schuyler Dress

Peggy Schuyler/ Hamilton Dress

Schuyler Sisters Halloween Performance:


They understood the assignment #tiktokhalloween #halloweencostume #hamilton #pinterestmomtiktok #schuylersisters

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