As many of you may already know, we really take Halloween seriously around here. I like to dress up. My husband likes to dress up, All of he kids absolutely LOVE to dress up. They’ve grown to love it much more as we’ve taken it on as a family tradition. This year we planned and planned and really racked our brain to figure out the perfect family costume. Because my eldest was so fond of the original animated movie, we finally decided on an Alice in Wonderland family Halloween costume.

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Alice in Wonderland Inspiration

As mentioned, we came up with the family Halloween costume idea because my daughter was really into the movie. When we are choosing our family costumes, we go through a few key must haves in our consideration process. Must be a book or movie we know and love. Look for a theme that has enough recognizable characters for all of us to represent. Opting for a theme that is not as popular that year or has not been in the public for a while.

Alice in wonderland family

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Alice’s costume was the special one this year, as I mentioned she was really into the Alice and Wonderland movie. She was quite happy that we were all going to bring some of her favorite characters to life and really had a great time with the photos. Though we already had the Alice costume for her to dress up in, she gladly wore it again to be a part of our family Halloween tradition.

Alice in wonderland family costume

The Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

My husband quickly volunteered to be the Mad Hatter, so he could be silly on purpose. Mad Hatter is such a playful and fun character and a really great choice when dressing up with the kids. We only purchased the Mad Hatter’s hat and bowtie online, the rest we were able to put together from his closet believe it or not. Several of the items he had picked up from thrift stores over the years and they really came in handy for this outfit.

Alice in wonderland family costume

The White Rabbit Costume

White Rabbit is another very recognizable character from Alice and Wonderland, so my middle daughter was happy. She had an adorable white rabbit onsie that we opted for no hood and put on some cute rabbit ear headbands on her. She carried around a big clock and repeated the famous words, “Oh my fur and whiskers! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

white rabbit Alice halloween costume

The Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

Ahh, the Queen of Hearts…she is such a misunderstood character that I have a soft spot for. I gladly purchased my full costume on Amazon, as the Queen of Hearts dress was beautiful and perfect for what I was looking for. We did make my prop, as we bent a wire hanger into an arch and taped cards along it on both sides. I opted out of the Queen’s wig, though it was great and went o-natural for this one.

Alice in wonderland queen of hearts costume

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