As you all know, I love making Holiday snack boards. So many of you say that it’s one of your favorite things that I post. I received a comment recently, that one of their kids did not like their food touching. I have one of those too! I get it, kids can be super picky. This seems to be a very common problem among many households, especially around the holidays. You want to make a fun Easter snack, but they want to completely deconstruct it and take out anything remotely healthy. 

Well, I have the cutest and also a very healthy Easter snack “board” that is just perfect. Being a Pinterest Mom doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Let me show you how I made an easy and super fun Easter egg snack board for my kids. I promise you it will be a game changer for snack time this Easter. 

What is an Easter egg snack board?

I know what you’re thinking. What is an Easter snack board? It sounds hard. I assure you it’s so simple and festive. I am going to show you step by step how to make this festive Easter egg snack for you kids that will keep their food from being squished together on one plate. 

It is so easy your kids can even help you put this together. 3 simple steps, and it only requires 2 things besides the snacks you’re adding in. And I would guess you already have these 2 things in your home. 

What is needed for the Easter snack board?

This snack board is so versatile. You can add whatever you have laying around. It doesn’t require a special trip to the store to fill, which I love. And my favorite part about it, the way this Easter snack is set up, it helps kids try new foods they may reject otherwise. It can also be adapted if your kid has a special diet or restriction. But what exactly is needed for this snack? 

-An old egg carton.

-Plastic Easter eggs.

-Snacks of your choice. 

Healthy snacks 

-Fresh Fruit. You can pick whatever is in season, or even finish off what is left in your fridge. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. 

-Fresh Veggies. Baby carrot sticks, cut up cucumber, or celery are some great options. 

-Dried fruits and veggies. These come in small cut up pieces and fit perfectly in the easter eggs. 

Sweet snacks 

-Animal crackers. Also come in fun easter shapes. Or you can just put regular ones. Whatever you have on hand. 

-Peeps. You know how much I love peeps. 

And if you don’t.., Go check out my Easter peep’s s’mores dip. It is heavenly and will change your life. 

-Easter Candies. I bet you have some around your house somewhere, in preparation for Easter. Or maybe you’re doing this snack after Easter is done with, and you need to use up some leftover candy. You can even use regular sweets you already have in your house. 

-Fruit snacks. One pack of whatever kind of fruit snacks, opened of course, will fit into 1 easter egg. Did you know that? 

How to put together your Easter Egg Snack 

I’ve said this festive snack is easy.. And I mean it! It is 3 simple steps from beginning to enjoying. 

-Collect your required ingredients. 

-Separate your plastic easter eggs and place them in each egg carton spot.

-Fill with snacks.


I truly hope that I have shown you just how simple and easy doing fun Easter snacks with your kids can be. Just use the things you already have, there are so many possibilities in everyday items. I’m here to show that to you. 

If you loved this simple edible craft. I just know you will also love the edible peep’s playdough I made with my girls. It was delicious and fun! 

I love seeing when you use my posts, especially this fun Easter snack board. If you use this, upload it and tag me in it on Instagram or Tiktok. 

Have a Happy Easter.