With Disney being closed I am looking for all kinds of ways to bring the Disney magic home. We threw my daughter a Disney themed birthday, we pretended to ride on Disney rides and made our favorite Disney snacks. Lately, I have been thinking of ways I can incorporate Disney into their school work. That is when I came up with the Hidden Mickey Math game.

One of our favorite things to do at the parks is looking for hidden Mickeys. Even my husband gets really into it. No matter how many times we have visited Walt Disney World, finding a new hidden Mickey keeps our visits feeling new and exciting. 

Here is how you play The Hidden Mickey Math Game:

You want to prepare the hidden Mickey math game before your child is ready to play.

Start by cutting out the large mickeys and hiding them around your home. 

I labeled them by row so you can play for a small bit or the home game. 

Once your Mickey’s are hidden, give the question sheet to your child.

Instruct them to answer the question, then find the corresponding mickey with the matching answer. 

Once they find the answer then they can write where they found it on the line below the mickey.

Download The Hidden Mickey Math Game

Hidden Mickey Printable

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The math problems are geared towards my 1st grader’s curriculum but can be used with a kindergartener with help or for practice for 2nd grade.

My girls have so much fun with this game and forget they are even learning. 

Children learn best through play and this game really does make learning fun.

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Hidden Mickey Math Game