I have been obsessed with dressing my family in matching Halloween costumes for years. It all started with The Little Mermaid and since then we have done Grease, The Greatest Showman, and more! I love brainstorming ideas, planning, and getting us all together the day of. Going all out is really make makes Halloween so special to me. This year was no different. I had always dreamed of dressing my 3 girls up as the Sanderson Sisters but I was waiting for them to be a bit older. Well, this was finally the year and I couldn’t believe I was finally going to get the Hocus Pocus Family Halloween Costume I have always dreamed of.

Probably my favorite character of all the Hocus Pocus characters is Winifred Sanderson. I love her snarky attitude and buck teeth. I feel like I quote her on the daily during the entire month of October. So I was most excited about creating this costume. Finding Sanderson Sisters costumes was very challenging, especially because my girls are so young. My daughter is only seven, and I couldn’t find anything in her size. I ended up buying the tween dress in the smallest size they had available. Luckily it was a pretty close fit and I only had to hem a bit off the bottom. One of my Halloween hacks is fabric glue. I am not a very good seamstress so I use liquid glue or tape for simple alterations. Since these are costumes they will only wear a few hours its worth using the easy route.

I added the tween wig, some boots and the famous red lips to top it off. My daughter was a pro at the iconic Winifred look!

Shop The Winifred Sanderson Costume

I had the same problem with Sarah’s costume as I had with the others, it was way too big. Since the corset was a little too strong for fabric glue I did have a seamstress take it in. It was well worth it though. This Sarah Sanderson costume looked amazing on my 5 year old. My daughter loved the smoky eye I gave her and I teased and brushed out her curls to give her the true Sarah look.

You could also add a cape and broom to finish it off.

Look at my sweet little Mary! This girl had so much fun bringing her character to life and all of us couldnt stop laughing the whole night at her accurate Mary faces. A couple of stitches in the back and some major hemming on the bottom made this dress come together. It was not perfect, but for one night of trick or treating, it worked.

For her hair we started by creating an off center pony tail and spraying her hair with black washable hair spray. Just a warning, this spray is a pain to get out and took a couple washes.

Next we used a secound rubber band to secure a small water water to the middle of the pony tail. If I were to do this again I would use something soft like black socks instead. The water bottle moved quite a bit and after a while became uncomfortable. We used a couple more rubber bands to create the 3 bun look and tucked the ends into the top.

Dont forget a little beauty mark with eyeliner ;)

This Billy Butcherson costume was really easy to put together. We started with the costume which was black pants he already owned and we just added the shirt and jacket. My husband had this old wig but I loved this Edward Scissorhand wig I found and thought it would have been perfect. The makeup was all done by my husband, isn’t he talented? He used a mix of white and cream on his face with black accents to create the detail.

My adult Dani Dennison costume was made completely from scratch. If you were small enough you could possible fit into the child costume I found in a size large but that wasn’t going to happen for me. I purchased a large mens shirt and cut the bottom to create a zigzag shape. I would suggest sizing up two sizes from your normal size to give that baggy look. Then I used yellow puffy paint to create the stars and moon. I also cut a slit down the front and used black string for the added detail at the neckline.

I then took a black scarf I already owned and punched holes (with a regular hole puncher) all the way around and fed the orange yarn through and knotted it. This was very time consuming but totally added to the outfit.

I used a piece of ribbon and glued it around the edge of my witch hat. I paired that with a black skirt, tights and boots and was all done. This was a very easy costume to pull together.

And there you have it! Our Hocus Pocus family Halloween costume. I hope this post was helpful if you are planning your own family costume.

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