If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this room tour has been something I have been working on for over a year. This project is one that has been a stressful one for me because I would think I had the room just the way I wanted it and after living in it for a few months it just didn’t work for our family dynamic. I tweaked things, returned items that didn’t work, and changed the setup a million times, until one day it all clicked. I finally felt like that organization we had in place really worked for our everyday life. This homeschool room tour is so important to me because this room is a big part of our lives. I hope by sharing this room we can inspire your homeschool room or playroom and help you make it into a functional space.

I want to give a big thank you to Lex from Coastal Lux Design for helping me with this project. She has a beautiful floral design business if you are looking for someone with a true eye for design.

homeschool room

Piano Area

My daughter got this keyboard for Christmas. It has been one of our favorite gifts and we all find ourselves jumping on to play. I did quite a bit of research before buying and this one definitely caught my eye. This keyboard syncs with its app and teaches you songs with its light-up keys. My daughter takes professional lessons but I have seen a tremendous difference in just the two weeks she has been using this new keyboard. We use two apps with it that are both free. “The One” is the app that is meant for the keyboard and “JoyTunes” has a very user-friendly functionality and makes learning fun. Even though Joy Tunes doesn’t light up the keys I do find the learning style a little easier for myself. I also linked the stand and her lesson books for you in case you have a little pianist on your hands.

If you are wanting a piano (like I was) but can’t justify the price tag, I feel like this is the best compromise. This is a very high-quality keyboard and will give us a great learning foundation before we upgrade to a real piano in a few years.

The stool is one we had in their bedroom (similar one linked below) and the sign has a quote that sums up how I want my girls to feel about their education. I look at it, and read it, and feel empowered to continue to teach them best I can. 

My littlest has her little dollhouse and our mornings are filled with piano music and giggles coming from that little corner and its the most perfect way to start my day. This is the newest addition to our homeschool room but it has to be my favorite.


homeschool room art cart

Art Cart

In our homeschool, I want to promote creativity and the way I do that is by having materials easily accessible. I find my girls drawing and creating without any prompts and that type of learning so important to me. This art cart is one of their favorite parts of the room for this reason. They often grab a container of markers and take it to their desk, or grab a glue stick and scissors without having to wait on me to get it for them. The art cart is a really functional part of our homeschool room but I had to tweak it a bit so it wasn’t constantly a mess. 

The first thing I did was get the containers on the top for our everyday necessities, like pencils and markers. I used six of these containers and it does drive me nuts it doesn’t fill the space but it does leave some room for some other supplies. I needed a few more containers so I got these to hang off the side.

On the second shelf, I hold all the paint supplies. I use this container for all of the paints, watercolor, and acrylic. This shelf also holds the painting smocks and paint trays.

The last shelf holds any other extras like stickers, our pencil cases for on the go trips, more glue, stamps, etc. 

I used little containers to keep the items enclosed since they are a bit messier.

I love that the art cart can roll so we take it with us around the house. If we decided we want to do a project in the kitchen we just bring it there.




As a focal point in the room, I needed these shelves to not only be functional but look good. It sounds easy but we had a lot of homeschool supplies and it became quite challenging to keep everything tidy. I ended up using glass jars to keep the supplies together and since these weren’t items, we were using every day it worked. We keep our glitter/gems for crafts projects, special drawing pencils, beads, pom poms, and more.

Some other items that we keep on these shelves are our calender, globe, telescope, and items for our corkboard like pins.

I also have a little basket when I keep treats for incentives throughout the day.

We use a corkboard to showcase some of the girl’s artwork or lessons we are working on. We decorated the area with some stars and some inspirational quotes. 

This has become the perfect space for our needs.


The Desks






Curriculum Storage


The Closet

Hazel’s Desk



I hope this post gave you some inspiration. 

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