Who says the living room is the only place that can be decorated for Christmas. In our house, every room gets transformed into a Christmas Winter Wonderland. In my dreams the kitchen is covered in all sorts of gingerbread decorations. After all, it’s hard not to think of gingerbread houses and little gingerbread people when you think of Christmas baking in the kitchen. Check out this post where I’m going to show you how to create a Gingerbread Christmas Kitchen.

Gingerbread Kitchen

Gingerbread Kitchen 

The gingerbread theme is one of my favorite to decorate with during the Christmas holiday. They bring so much joy to any occasion ands they are so darn adorable. Gingerbread people just put me right in the Christmas spirit and why not bring that to the kitchen where so much magic happens.

Gingerbread Man Cooling Rack 

Let’s be real here mamas. The Christmas season is spent banking so many delicious goodies that we don’t need an excuse to get this super fun and cute gingerbread man shaped cooling rack. 

Christmas Table Runner 

I love to decorate our table. It adds so much of a magical festive feeling to your house. And with just a few small touches your table can be transformed. 

Gingerbread Kitchen Napkins 

Talk about simple and super cute table decorations. 

Gingerbread Gourmet Popcorn

Who says a delicious treat like this gourmet popcorn can’t be part of your decoration. Have you seen how cute the box is that it comes in? 

Salt and Pepper Shakers 

Who doesn’t love some festive salt and pepper shakers? Something so small adds so much to your decorations. 

Gingerbread Cookie jar 

With as much baking as you’re doing this holiday season, you need something fun to put your treats in. 

Festive Gingerbread Mugs 

These gingerbread men themed mugs are my favorite. They add a special touch to the room when displayed next to my santa mug collection

And this gingerbread house shaped mug is just so cute. 

Gingerbread Man Plates 

And of course your table setting isn’t complete without some gingerbread themed plates. 

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

We love advent calendars in this house. They put the countdown to Christmas in the hands of our girls. So adding a cute gingerbread house calendar to the kitchen just made sense. 

Gingerbread Waffle Maker  

At our house, we really enjoy making fun festive holiday breakfasts together. With our little gingerbread man waffle maker, we can’t help but get into the spirit. Looking forward to creating a breakfast board including these little cuties!

Well are you now convinced that decorations aren’t strictly holiday lights, and a Christmas tree. That your kitchen too can be magical and festive. There are so many fun gingerbread decorations, and I hope you loved them as much as we do. 

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