My family and I had the chance to visit the new Star Wars Land at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, also known as Galaxy’s Edge, for the very first time. I have to say that as I walked into the 14 acre land I was blown away. I am not the worlds biggest Star Wars fan but I couldn’t help but get goosebumps as I felt the Disney Magic. Even though Galaxy’s Edge is only 3 acres bigger than Toy Story Land, it feels enormous. There is so much to see and do, so many little secrets hidden at every corner, that it can feel a bit overwhelming. I researched before my visit and I still was a little taken back by it all, worried that I would miss something special. So here I am, basically a veteran ;) sharing my tips and how to make the most of your visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

We were so inspired by our trip and the interactions with Rey that our girls wanted their birthday parties to be Star Wars themed.

Accessing the Park

You have your Hollywood Studios ticket, now what? My first advice would be to download the My Disney Experience mobile app. If you aren’t familiar its a tool where you can manage your FastPass rides, character experiences, and meals throughout your day. The reason you need this app is because once you enter you will be able to see if Galaxy’s Edge has implemented a boarding group system. On very busy days, when the park is overly crowded they will manage the crowds by only letting a certain number of people into Galaxys edge at a time (Called boarding groups).

On the day we were there they did not do this. This might’ve had something to do with the fact that we had a hurricane approaching. I would assume that this will be something they need to use eventually. All you do is log into the app once you enter the park and join a boarding group. You will then get an alert when your group is able to join the land, and you’ll have about two hours to get there. If you are lucky enough to be there on a not so crowded day you’ll be able to walk right into Galaxy’s Edge. Make sure to check the app and it will tell you all the details right there on the main page.

Magic Hours

SO you know the park is probably going to be busy, but is there a way to avoid those crowds? YES! Magic Hours. From 8/29 to 11/1 Hollywood Studios will have Magic Hours every single day. Notice I said “hours”, the park will be open for those special hours from 6am until 9am when the park normally opens. Who gets to use magic hours? Only people staying at a disney resort or a disney affiliated resort. In my opinion this would totally be worth it. This time of year you can find really affordable Disney accommodations and to have that crowd-less access would be so nice.


There are no fast passes available for anything in Galaxy’s Edge. There is a bit of a work around that I hadn’t read anywhere else so I definitely want to share. This doesn’t work for everyone but hopefully it can help some of you make the most of your visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. If you have to do a child swap or are traveling with someone who is disabled walk towards the front entrance of Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Look for the cast members with iPads. Let them know your needs and they will give you a time to come back and get enter through the FastPass line. I saw several people do this, we couldn’t since we were all tall enough to ride.

make the most of your visit to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Ok so maybe you don’t qualify for my FastPass hack, no worries. I have a tip to help you entertain those little ones while waiting in line. Smugglers Run is such a spectacular ride but the wait was close to 120 minutes when we were there. No worries just download and install the Play Disney Parks app ahead of time. There’s a fun quest that you can only complete while waiting in line. You will be looking for clues and earning points that can increase your rank all around Batuu.


Even though there aren’t FastPasses you still want to consider making reservations for some of the more popular places. If you want to experience Oga’s Cantina or Savi’s Workshop, you’ll want to make reservations online. Those two experiences are extremely popular with guests and when we were there they were no longer accepting walk-ins. Reservations can be made through the app and a deposit will be required.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get that reservation for Oga’s, there really isn’t any food there (besides one thing). If you and your littles are getting hungry there are really two options for you. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo offers sit-down dining and a decent selection of food for the entire crew. For quick service hit up Ronto Roasters for a wrap.

make the most of your visit to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

One of the more popular items, that I am sure you’ve heard of already, is the Blue and Green Milk. The line can get quite long but don’t worry it moves fast. To make the most of your visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, just get both. Each of the drinks has a unique taste and nothing like I thought they would be. I really loved the Blue!


Make sure to set aside some time to walk through the shops on Batuu. I couldn’t even believe the detail they put into this land to make it like you really were on a different planet. We felt that the most when we visited the little toy shop called Creature Stall. My girls would have stayed there all day if they could. The most creative interactive toys that showcase the characters that live on this planet. Spend some time talking to the cast members about these little critters. They have some fun stories to make this experience even more believable.


Speaking of cast members, know that every single cast member that you meet will have their own unique backstory about Batuu. Spend your time in line chatting them up, it was a favorite for us.

make the most of your visit to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

There aren’t any traditional character meet-and-greets inside Galaxy’s Edge, so don’t expect to spend time in line waiting to get your picture taken. Instead, look for characters like Chewbacca, Rey, and Kylo Ren wandering the park and interacting with guests along the way. My girls spotted Rey and ended up joining her on a fun adventure, running around Batuu, and dodging Storm Troopers. In my opinion this is so much better than a photo opp. It was my daughter’s favorite part of the day.


So there you have it. My best advice on how to make the most of your visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. I hope this helps you have the best day on Batuu ever.

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