Halloween is just a few days away and I am sharing some tips and tricks to make this the best Halloween yet.
Last year we chose Alice in Wonderland.
I get asked all the time how I put together our family costumes. Truthfully it is a lot of work and planning but here are some ways you can get your family into the mood for dressing up.
Let your kids take the lead. Lucille fell in love with the movie last year so we went from there. I also try to pick a theme that is easily accessible, I’m not that great at sewing so an Amazon search is my shopping of choice. Pick a character that fits each person of your family. Sometimes this takes some finagling but I would suggest thinking about their age, how easy it will be to find in their size, and if it fits your theme. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. I originally planned to make Edith the Queen of Hearts but I knew she would have nothing to do with the big bulky dress. The rabbit was the perfect fit for her.
Have your kids practice playing in their costume. The more comfortable they are the more likely you are to get that perfect picture.
Even if you don’t have the matching costumes this year you can still get that beautiful family shot to keep for the memory books. Get everyone dressed early, while its still light out. Sundown is actually one of the best times to take pictures. I use little treats to get my kiddos to stop for a picture. If the photographer holds the candy I’m sure your kids will be more likely to look. You can see our bloopers here (which I think are still equally as cute). Just keep shooting, sometimes it takes a hundred shots to get that perfect one.
 This year we are trying to hand out as much “non-candy” as possible. There is already so much candy being passed out that I wanted to give something different, plus it is a lot healthier. Here are some great candy alternatives:
– Stickers
– pencils/erasers
– small toys
– Items that glow in the dark/ Glow sticks
– apple sauce (buy in bulk to cut cost) We love GOGO Squeeze
– healthy cookies or crackers
If you still want to pass out something sweet there are these great organic lollipops that my girls love.
If you compare the rising costs of candy these items are priced almost the same and sometimes cheaper. I buy in bulk or from the dollar store and I am able to save a lot of money.
Not everyone is going to give up on passing out candy. That is when its time to get creative. Have you guys heard of the Swtich Witch? Last year was the first year the Switch Witch visited us. The kids leave their candy for the Switch Witch when they go to bed and in exchange they get a present. This is a great way to get all the extra candy out of their hands. I do keep a couple pieces for special occasions but they willingly give it up for the special barbie they have been eyeing.
So once we do the Switch Witch we will have all this leftover candy. I have to get it out of the house otherwise I will eat it. This year we have decided to donate our leftover candy to Treats for Troops. They will send all donated candy oversees to our men and women in service. I love this idea and I love that our candy could brighten a soldiers day.
I get the girls in the Halloween spirit by getting them involved in decorating our house. They love to stick these bats all over the house.
We also love doing some fun Halloween crafts. I find all kinds of inspiration from my fellow bloggers so I asked Courtney from Milk and Crayons to share a simple and fun craft with all of you. I love it because most of these items I can find in my home already! You can find her here and here, she has so many fun ideas, I love following her to get inspiration for my girls.
Here is her tutorial:

I was inspired to have my littles create this craft because, we in fact have two haunted houses in our small town of Brooksville; both known to have ghosts in the windows. Each time we pass these homes we always look up in the windows for fun! We have yet to see one at the haunted houses but we now have our very own ghost in the window to look at! Spoooky!

Boo! Ghost In the window craft |

Black construction paper
White finger paint
6 craft sticks (any color)


Paint some of your child’s palm and fingers with the white paint, have them place their print on the black paper to make the ghost. While that is drying, carefully glue the sticks to form a window. We just added a dot of glue on each corner and pressed firmly in place. Allow this to dry. Once your ghost is dry, add a mouth and eyes using a black marker. When your window is ready simply glue on to the paper in place so that your ghost is peeking through the window! Cut around the window and discard remaining construction paper. We simply added a magnet to the back of our windows for some fun on the fridge!
What a super easy and fun craft!
If you are trick or treating this year be sure to download the NEXTDOOR app. Its a way for neighbors to communicate. For Halloween they have a special trick or treating map. You will know which houses plan on passing out candy. That way you can be safe and efficient, since we all know its a school night.
The day of trick or treating I plan on making some fun and festive snacks. Here are a few that are just adorable:

 You can find the tutorial for these HERE
We also love singing silly Halloween songs. This one is our favorite


I was so happy to be on ABC Action News with Lindsay Logue to share some little tips for Halloween. Here I talked about some candy alternative and the Switch With idea, all things I shared with all of you. Check out my first news debut, it was a blast!



I hope these tips help you and your family get into the Halloween spirit. Have a great costume? How about a unique craft or fun snack? I would love to see them. Tag me @mrsblinks on Instagram or use the hashtag #thegrayrubyhalloween.
I can’t wait to see what you have in store for my favorite holiday!