I just completed a fun little project where I (actually my husband) made a farmhouse chalkboard. It was the perfect addition to our homeschool room and I was just so excited to start writing on it as soon as I could. Luckily my friend shared an important little tidbit when using a brand new chalkboard and I can’t believe I never heard of it before. Before you ever write on it you should always season a chalkboard.

Here is why:
Chalkboards are very porous and it’s especially the case right after the chalk paint is applied. Have you ever written on a brand new board and wondered why the markings aren’t wiping off? That’s because the board absorbed the chalk. When you season a chalkboard you apply a base so you won’t have this issue and your boards should wipe off easily without any permanent markings.

how to season a chalkboard

Here is what you do:

Take your chalkboard and a piece of chalk. Turn the chalk on it’s side and starting coloring the board with long vertical strokes. Fill the entire board with a heavy coat of chalk. Next start coloring horizontally until you’ve covered the board that way. Once you have filled the entire board twice you can wipe clean and your chalkboard is ready for use.

how to season a chalkboard

I hope this tutorial on how to season a chalkboard was helpful. I know its way too sounds simple but this simple step is so important in maintaining your chalkboards quality.

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