When I was pregnant with Edith I made a point to take weekly pictures to see how my belly grew and body changed. I realized I had maybe two pictures of myself from Lucille’s pregnancy and I felt really bad about it. I was so hard on myself and how my body was changing that I refused to take any pictures. I remember looking at those pictures with disguist only to adore those photos a few months later when I was able to embrace them for what they were. A picture showing me the beautiful sacrifice I made for my first little girl.
The journey of photographing Edith’s pregnancy was a liberating one. I learned to love myself and appreciate this amazing feat my body was able to do. I was so thankful that I forced myself to take these pictures. Now looking back I genuinely love these pictures, I love that I can show Edith when she is older, show her how much I loved carrying her inside of me.
Here are my weekly pictures from Edith’s pregnancy. Even though this third pregnancy my toddlers have kept me busy and I haven’t been on track with my picture taking I still am thankful for all the moments I was able to capture during Edith’s pregnancy. If you are questioning taking photos of yourself or just looking at those photos and not liking what you see, please know, know with all of your soul, that you are beautiful and doing one of the most beautiful things you will ever do in your life. Take those pictures. Be proud of those picutres. Embrace the change and the growth. You will be thankful for it, I promise you.

Our pregnancy reveal

The wonderful ladies who showered me and little Edith with so much love

My little bunny

Like mother, like daughter

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