I have been scouring the internet high and low to find the perfect items for my girl’s Easter basket. I keep a pretty consistent theme when it comes to Easter baskets. Here in Florida, April is the start of our warmer weather. Ok, who am I kidding, it’s always warm in Florida. What I mean is  April is when we start to spend warm days outside in the sun, by the pool, and at the beach. So it makes complete sense that Easter would be the perfect time to stock up on all things fun and the sun. Sometimes I will throw in a few things that are “out of theme” but they will always still have that springtime feel. Here is the Easter Basket ideas I came up with.

First, let’s start with the basket itself.Toddler girls easter basket in white

This is the one we have and each girl has a different liner. I would recommend going with the biggest size since some gifts can take up more space. I learned this the hard way and am having to replace Lucille’s basket this year because it is smaller than her sisters.

For my girls, I invested in a nice monogrammed Easter basket liner that they will keep forever. Here is my favorite.

Ok so let’s get to the fun stuff, here are a few of my favorite Easter basket ideas this year:Little Girls Easter Basket Ideas

Little Girls Easter Basket Ideas

This post was originally written in 2018. Some of the links have been updated to reflect what is currently in stock. If you are looking for additional Easter basket ideas you can check out my most current Easter Basket post HERE.

Girls bikini

mermaid doll

rainbow sprinkler

spring bows

nature anatomy book

Big book of bugs

little cosmetics pretend makeup

rainbow stacking game

glitter sidewalk chalk

pink banana bathing suit

felt ball necklace

yellow hunter boots

flamingo floaties

girls sunglasses

rainbow backpack or this one

rainbow towel

Swimsuits always make it into my girl’s Easter Basket. I linked two of my favorites in this post but if you want to see all my swimsuit picks this year read this post:

The Cutest Swimsuits For Toddler Girls

Also, don’t forget my post if you are looking to fill your baby girl’s Easter Basket. Buying for babies is the hardest and I’ve got you covered.

Baby Girls First Easter Basket

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Do you have a little girl that likes to garden? Then you are going to love my Garden-themed Easter Basket.

Easter Basket For Little Girls