The family Halloween costume that started the entire tradition for our household. Halloween 2014 and we decided to dress in costume as our favorite Disney animated musical. It was time to bring the movie to life, as we all did our best to portray our favorite characters.

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King Triton Halloween Costume

King Triton was one of our daughters favorite characters in the movie. She made it known that her and her Dad were going to be Halloween costume friends too. For the costume, we were very simple and used several things we already owned. He wore a white sun shirt with some shiny pants that my mother-in-law whipped together for us. The crown, the beard, and the trident were all from Amazon. All in, the costume cost us under $50 (the items are a bit more these days) and very easy to assemble.

Ursula the Sea Witch Costume

For Ursula the Sea Witch, we looked at making several different costumes from what we had. When we looked at the cost of the materials and the time it would take against purchasing it online, Amazon won again. Ursula’s dress was a showstopper, so worth every penny. She finished off the outfit with her own makeup and hairstyle. The shoes were something she already had in the closet.

Sebastian the Crab Costume

Sebastian the Crab suit was a no brainer. Once I saw this one online, I didn’t even hesitate to buy it right away. We put this one on the baby right away and had an entire day where we all just stared at her playing in adornment. Really wish we would have kept this one for our other daughters, it was just too cute.

The Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

Finally, the star of the show… The Little Mermaid. My daughter was so into Little Mermaid at the time, we couldn’t watch any other movie. We took a family trip to Disney World in Orlando right before Halloween. As her birthday treat we purchased the Flounder plushie and her favorite accessory, the dinglehopper. She carried that brush around for years and still has it today at 10. Her Little Mermaid dress and her Ariel wig were both from Amazon and though a little big, were very durable.

The Little Mermaid Family Halloween Costume

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