These city girls traded in their ballet flats for some cowboy boots and we hit the farm for an amazing birthday party celebrating an even more amazing little girl.

|Boxes purchased here|Toy animal purchased here|farm animal notepad|

The dessert table was filled with some of Lucille’s favorite sweets (ok maybe my pregnancy cravings took over a little too). Chocolate chip cookies, caramel apples, banana pudding, and of course the beautiful pink pony cake. Next to the cake we filled hay bales with farm animal lollipops which were probably the biggest hit of them all. On each side of the table we had gift boxes for the kids. Each box was filled with a farm animal notepad and pencil, a little toy animal, and some animal crackers. I covered the table some some lace fabric and burlap I already had at home. That little addition along with the wheat and hay added that little touch of fall I wanted.

|Animal lollipops purchased here|

Tell me these things are the cutest lollipops you have ever seen?!?! I just love them. Lucille did too because she had about 4. Little smartie pants asked a different person every time and every time I saw her she had a new animal in hand. Little trickster.

R & R Ranch was such a blessing. We stumbled upon this ranch kind of by accident. We were putting together this party last minute (thank you morning sickness) and R & R was able to squeeze us in. They were so flexible (because with a bunch of 3 year old you have to be) and accommodating. Their animals were so friendly and all the kids had the best time holding them and petting them. I can not say enough good things about this Ranch. You know when the kids are leaving happy and very tired that it was a good day.

Little sister had the best time too. She loved singing “happy birthday” to her big sis. I loved seeing my little, reserved, cautious girl step out of her shell.

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Look at that happy girl. SHE IS THREE! I can not believe it. I am so thankful I have this Sticky Bellies sign to help me remember this day forever. This sign was also a great way to showcase some special facts about my big girl for all our guests to see. Unlike custom signs The Sticky Bellies Birthday Poster can be picked up at your local baby store or online and you can fill out the stats yourself. Even better get your little one involved, let them color or even write their own stats. Lu loved signing her autograph. Stickey Bellies also has these adorable milestone stickers which we used for our monthly pictures for both girls.

The highlight of the day was the horseback riding. Lucille went to a pony party a few months back and since then could not stop talking about riding the horses again. This is a passion of hers I want her to always pursue. The love she has for animals is pure and innocent, I hope that as she grows older her love for animals will continue to flourish. This is one of the greatest lessons I could teach her, to love all creatures. If her love for animals grows so will her compassion for the people she meets every single day. She has such a big heart, the world is really not ready for all the love she has to give.

Here is the gang right before the hay ride. After seeing all these pictures of only my kids you were probably thinking we were the only ones at the party.

The kids loved feeding the horses. The hay ride took us to a shady spot in the pasture where we got up close and personal with the horses and their lunch. Some of us were covered in hay.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. You ate your weight in sugar, couldn’t stop running, and had a smile on your face the entire day. I knew that meant you had the time of your life. All I want is for you to be happy and today mommy and daddy succeeded.

Here is a little note I wrote about you my sweet Lucille Gray on your birthday. I love you until the end of time and one day when you are able to look back on this and read my words I hope you can feel my love for you jumping through the page.

“Now that the girls are napping and the chaos has calmed, I sit and stare with my cold coffee, rubbing my bloodshot eyes, holding back the tears. 3 years, my beautiful baby girl has grown and changed so much. My life has changed so much. What I would give to go back to that special day as my body was tested to its limits and Scott placed this beautiful girl on my chest.
On that day I learned what sacrifice really meant and in the same instant I had my first glimpse of a life altering, heart aching type of love. “You were my mommy first” yes baby girl, I was. You were my first too. For that I thank you, because it wasn’t always easy but it will always be special. I might not be the same girl that walked into that hospital room 3 years ago but I’m glad not to be. Being a mother has taught me I have strengths I didn’t know I could have and fears I didn’t know existed. ”

I am so proud to be your mother Lucille. I am so proud of the beautiful soul you have become in 3 short years. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.