You’re going to love these Mediterranean inspired gift ideas! Visiting the Mediterranean area and Italy has been on my bucket list for a while. During our 2 month Europe trip, there were times that our next destination was planned very spur of the moment. Often times planned just a few days before. So when the opportunity came up for us to visit this beautiful area I knew we had to jump. We knew our girls would love it as much as we do, and never want to leave. And well, we were right. So when the time came to move on to the next destination, we were excited for a new adventure but sad to be leaving a peace of our heart here.

We knew that we would need to bring a piece of this adventure home with us, and continue to enjoy it long after we were gone. So we decided to incorporate some of our adventures into their Christmas gifts. It took some searching but I found some amazing memories and delicious food that I’m so excited to share with you. So without any more waiting, here are some amazing Mediterranean inspired gift ideas.

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mediterranean inspired gifts

The Best Mediterranean Inspired Gifts

We loved the Mediterranean area. Our hearts took a huge hit when it came time to move on. I was making mental notes of things I wish I could pack along in my backpack. Things that I knew I wanted to try and find online once were home, to continue remembering this amazing adventure.  And I was able to find some of my favorites. I can’t wait to share them with you. I know you’ll love them just as much as we did.

Authentic Italian pasta roller

I think pasta should be a food group of its own. So being able to sample authentic Italian pasta was like a dream. I’ve never had pasta so delicious, I don’t think I can go back to the pasta that is served at home. So being able to find a simple to use pasta roller like this was amazing. We can now attempt to make our own Italian pasta at home.

This would also make an amazing gift for the food lover, or cook in your life. Get it here.

Spritz drink recipe book

While the pasta was delectable, the drinks that were served while dining in the Mediterranean area were unlike any drink I’ve had. They seemed to make potions that soothed your soul and they tasted amazing. Being able to find a book that teaches you how to make these delicious drinks was perfect. We’ve had some fun trying to recreate some of our favorites.

This would also make a perfect gift for someone that loves to throw parties. Get it here.

Espresso Italian coffee pot

The way they make coffee in the Mediterranean area was just so different. Maybe that’s why it was so addicting. I made sure to start my day with a cup…or 3. When we left I knew I would miss my delightful morning treat. Well with this coffee pot I can make my own at home. Get it here.

Espresso candle

If you’re anything like me, the smell that came from the cafe’s was mouth watering. The pastries and the coffee. Oh the coffee. This candle is probably as close as you can get to the actual smell they produced with their heavenly cup of espresso. Get it here.

Italy Photograph book

I took so many pictures, I felt like my phone was going to tell me that’s enough. This book is amazing, because I love getting another person’s perspective on the sites we got to see. There is always so much to look at and take in, so to be able to absorb these pictures and see these beautiful places all over again. Get it here.

Limoncello set with glasses

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that there would be some more of the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. And this Limoncello couldn’t be left out. This sweet and sour drink is something so iconic to the Italian area. The lemon’s grown here, produce such an amazing delicious drink that I know you’ll enjoy. Get it here.


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Rossa ground coffee

I like to think of myself as a coffee connoisseur. Every place we visit, I make it a point to try all the decedent local coffee. I’m always told that it’s the best. And every time I try the local coffee, I fall in love all over again. I didn’t think I would find a coffee I loved more than the coffee in Costa Rica, but this Italian coffee was something sent straight down from heaven.

Try adding this to a gift basket. I promise you’ll make someone very happy. Get it here.

Cheese making kit

Oh that Italian cheese. One of the many delicious foods that Italy is known for is its cheese. They have some of the best cheese makers in Italy. For us the perfect night was enjoying a nice cold drink with a plate of their home made cheeses and meats.

This cheese making kit brings the delicate art of cheesemaking into your home and hands. Talk about the perfect date night. And how perfect of a gift would this be for your food lover too. Get it here.

Colored glass stemware

One of my best memories while eating was the fun colored glasses we got to drink out of. Even my girls loved getting a pretty glass to drink out of. Get it here.

Olive oil bottles

I’m starting to think Italy might be the food capital of the world, because they are known for so many delicious and amazing foods. Olive oil was served with every meal. And the extra virgin olive oil in Italy is delicious even on a plain piece of bread. Get it here.

Vino- Wine tote

I think I saw these wine totes all over. I didn’t understand them, until I got a fancy bottle of wine and was able to carry it home in this bag. It is super convenient, the bottle isn’t rolling around in a larger bag, it fits perfectly in there. It carries so nice.

Talk about the perfect gift for the wino in your life. Get it here.

Our experience in the Mediterranean

I’ve wanted to take our girls to the Mediterranean for a while now. Scott and I have been before and it was like we stepped into a book or movie. I knew my girls would fall in love the moment they saw  the picturesque views. And I was so right.

We swam, we shopped and saw the sites, and we ate. Oh the delicious food we ate. I’m sure you had already guessed from the things I shared above, but we fell in love with the food the most. We were able to enjoy the most scrumptious food while visiting this area. And I’m so happy to say even my pickiest eater was open to trying some of the delicious offerings. No one wanted to leave, but unfortunately all good, and amazing things must come to an end.

Until next time Italy. Because we WILL be back.

Well what do you think? Was I able to make you fall in love with this amazing area? I really hope so. We loved every part of our adventure to the Mediterranean area, and I know you will too.

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