When you love Halloween as much as we do, you dress up for the entire month of October. In order to change costumes regularly and have lots of options, we often use easy costumes that you can make at home. I wrote an entire post dedicated to costumes called DIY toddler costumes, using items you can usually find in the house. It makes me so happy to find easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate Halloween and allow the kids to be some of their favorite characters in minutes. This post is an easy to follow tutorial on a DIY Miss Piggy Costume that is one of my favorites. In case you do not have some of these things that we had, I went ahead and linked them below.

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Items Needed for the Miss Piggy Costume:

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Putting the costume together:

The Hair

Finding a wig that fits a toddler might be the toughest part, but the one I’ve linked in Amazon worked quite well. It definitely helps to use bobby pins to secure the wig and then use the pig ears headband to really hold it all together.

Miss Piggy Costume Wig

The Flair

Next, using the pink leotard and tutu is a really fun way to jazz up the costume. You could certainly use a pink sweatsuit or even pajamas underneath, but the bigger the tutu the better.

Cute Piggy Costume

The Sleeves

Adding a light jacket or even a cardigan over the leotard is a nice way to layer the outfit and add some dimension. We reused a jacket we had from It is also nice to have sleeve coverage, as Halloween is quite cool in most places.

The Accessories

Adding the final touches, like the costume jewelry and of course the nose, ears and tail. We used some cascading pearls that I had to really go over the top. You could certainly add a matching bracelet, earrings, and even a large ring to yours as well. Miss Piggy loved the glam!


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Other Ways to wear the Miss Piggy Costume:

If you remember, Miss Piggy has been many things during her fame. She certainly had many glamorous outfits to go along with them. You could easily put together another version of this costume with your own available items and dress it up how you wish. 

Here’s a list of some of the careers she’s had over the years:

  • Actress
  • Magazine editor
  • Singer
  • Talk show host
  • Martial artist
  • Icon

I hope this fun costume inspires you to find your own creativity this Halloween. We had such a fun time with this costume. We have a new found love for Miss Piggy after this one!