I can’t believe we finished our first full year of homeschool. It wasn’t easy but it sure was fun and I cant believe how much my girls changed and learned since the first day of the year. I wanted to let my girls know how proud I am of them and wanted to celebrate all they accomplished this year. That is why I decided to have a little end of the year celebration. We had a Kindergarten graduation party  (and preschool graduation too) and it was a really fun theme to create. I called it “My Future is so bright, I need to wear shades”.

This Kindergarten graduation party was so easy to do, I literally threw it together a few hours before the party.

kindergarten graduation party

It was really helpful that I had a curated list of all the supplies I needed. I used Coterie Party to find a theme I loved (I went with the Beach Vibes Set) and I had everything I needed in one place sent right to my door. It saved me so much time from having to search out coordinating pieces, it was literally a one stop shop.

Kindergarten graduation

I kept the food really simple and choose a few items that fit the graduation theme. The girls thought my “names” for the food were pretty funny.

graduation snacks

graduation party snacks

I cant believe I have a kindergarten and preschool graduate! I am so proud of both my girls and I hope this party made them feel a bit special.

preschool graduation

Since we homeschool we do miss out on all those “traditional” type school events. I am so glad I was able to throw them this kindergarten graduation party with a few of their friends to celebrate their hard work.

Kindergarten graduation snacks

Do you like to throw parties for your kids special life events? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

end of School year party

Homeschool has been such a big part of our lives and I am so lucky for the experience. If you would like to read more about our homeschool experience than be sure to check out our homeschool page.


Kindergarten Graduation Party