“I Will Never Drive A Mini-Van”
Pretty sure I am not the only woman that has spouted off these exact words.

When I was younger my parents drove a mini-van. I have fond memories of fighting for the back seat and arguing over who would control the radio. My sister and I loved the mini-van. We could sit next to each other when we were best of friends and on separate ends when we weren’t quite as amicable. It was the perfect vehicle to get us to basketball games and take the family to the beach.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was that turned me off about mini-vans. I think there is this stigma of the soccer mom in her “mom jeans”. The thought of buying a mini-van means giving up your youth. Young people don’t drive mini-vans.
I’m still young.
I think I am somewhat cool.
I’m the cool mom, or at least I like to tell myself that.

When we got pregnant with Hazel we knew that we needed a new car. There was no way I could possibly fit 3 car seats in my small SUV. I loved that SUV, I didn’t want a new car, or maybe I didn’t want to accept the idea that my husband was really going to push for a mini-van.

What a bi-polar subject. Want to have a full out debate that doesn’t involve politics?? Ask a group of people their opinions on min-vans. We did it at my husband’s work Christmas party and boy did it get heated. You were either completely against it or so in love with it. I was one of those completely against it.
We headed to the dealership and I tried and tried to make sense of the SUV. I spun it every which way to try to convince myself and my husband that this was the logical choice. NOPE. It wasn’t. When it really came down to it I knew that the mini-van was the best option for my family and here is why:

1. Space – No doubt about it, the mini-van has the most space. Even compared to cars with three rows none had the storage capacity and flexibility needed to lug around 3 kids, 3 and under, and all of the stuff you need when you have 3 kids, 3 and under.

2. Price – Those monster SUV’s are friggin expensive. I stay home, we live on one income, I like my occasional latte and dinners out. None of that would be an option with the enormous car payment that comes with a giant SUV.
3. Accessibility – I didn’t even realize this until after I owned my mini-van but my kids can open the doors, climb in, and jump into their seats all on their own. It makes it so much easier on me when I have a baby in one hand and a diaper bag, two water bottles, an Elsa and Anna doll and some goldfish in the other. Do they do it? No. But they could if they wanted to. I love this defiant toddler stage – said no mom ever.

4. Gadgets – you notice I titled this post “Never Say Never”. Before I had kids I thought that car rides would never consist of electronics and instead my children would look out the window and be one with nature and would sing songs and I would teach them things and we would be driving and laughing and happy. HA HA HA. Now I strap them in, throw Little mermaid in the DVD player and enjoy my cup of coffee (which has been reheated three times by the way) in complete silence. Ok maybe not complete silence, but listening to under the see for the millionth time is way better than arguing, screaming and my name yelled on repeat.
5. Coolness – Who’s to say it isn’t cool?!?!

Overall this vehicle made my family happy and who was I to put my vanity in front of their comfort. So now I have been a mini-van driving mom for about 7 months and I would never go back. I do love it. I pull up to target with my windows down, my music loud and my shades on. My car doesn’t define me but if it did it would show a mom who loves her kids like crazy and would do anything for them, and one that is totally cool.

My shirt:Saturday Morning Pancakes// Edith’s Dress:Alice and Ames/Edith’s shoes/Their hair clips:Ryan and Wren