A North Pole breakfast is one of my favorite holiday traditions! The holiday season is a time of wonder, excitement, and magic for children. As parents, we get to create unforgettable memories for our little ones and make their holiday experience even more special! That’s where the concept of a North Pole Breakfast comes in.

I love this festive tradition for a fun and creative way to kick off the holiday season and get your kids in the spirit of Christmas! I’m excited to share with you exactly what a North Pole Breakfast is and why you need one as a new family Christmas tradition!

North Pole Breakfast: What it is and why you need one

A North Pole Breakfast is such a fantastic way to start the holiday season or for your kids to wake up to on Christmas Eve. It’s basically just a magical breakfast party that transports your kids to a whimsical wonderland in your own home! Typically the North Pole Breakfast is paired with the arrival of our elves Twinkle and Sprinkle on December 1st.

Picture this: the dining table adorned with twinkling lights, fluffy snowflake decorations, and plates filled with festive treats. As your child takes in the enchanting scene, their eyes light up with delight. They can almost hear the faint sound of sleigh bells in the distance. The charm of this special breakfast is not just in the decorations, but in the excitement it brings to your kids. It sets the stage for a season filled with joy, wonder, and the belief in magic.

How to Put Together a North Pole Breakfast Experience

Creating a perfect North Pole Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your dining table into a winter wonderland that will have your children in awe! 


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Start by setting the scene with twinkling lights, snowflake decorations, Christmas color balloons, and maybe even a mini Christmas tree centerpiece. Look at items you already have in your home and bring them over to the dining room table. We love using balloons garlands and custom drink containers but if you don’t have those items it can still be as magical.

Think of the movie ELF when buddy uses paper snowflakes to create a winter wonderland. With a little creativity you can make a big impact.

The food is really what makes this North Pole Breakfast so special for my kids. Serve up festive treats like:

I also like to include things like glazed donuts and hot chocolate with marshmallows. I decorate with things like garlands and reindeer balloons, mini Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments for table decor. And of course our elves are the star of the show taking all the credit/

Don’t forget to add some special touches like personalized Santa place cards or Santa hats for everyone to wear. These DIY ideas will help make your North Pole Breakfast extra magical and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The festive breakfast will leave your kids with lasting memories that they’ll cherish and so will you!

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