One of the hardest things I’ve experienced as a parent is seeing my children struggle and not knowing how to help them. When I noticed that my daughter was really struggling in math I was determined to find a resource to help her. I had tried to help her on my own but something wasn’t clicking. Math is such an important part of a child’s foundation and so critical for learning development.  If you have a child that struggles with math, how do you get them to want to learn? How can you get them to engage? If you are a parent that struggles with math, how do you help or teach your children with confidence? This is such a common theme in many homes today, and we saw it in ours.
I tried so many different resources before I found a program that I felt was a good fit. It wasn’t until we found Wonderland Math, that we realized there is a way to revitalize a love of learning, even in Math. It’s an amazingly innovative program that’s designed to help 2nd-5th graders develop their math skills through a live interactive experience. The thing that really makes a difference is that it offers very small class sizes, which allows for very personalized instruction.
When we found the program, we still had hesitations as our daughter had already tried online courses before and still had trouble connecting. Once we signed up and received the welcome package, we knew that there was something different about Wonderland. When my daughter received a personalized box full of character masks, manipulatives, and other fun and exciting goodies she was so excited. This absolutely set the tone for her to embark on her new math journey.
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For her first session, she was a bit nervous, but that quickly subsided when she was warmly greeted by her instructor and her new classmates. The classes are hosted in Zoom Cloud Meetings, which were not new for my daughter. For those that are not familiar, you simply download the Zoom App to whatever device you are using and be sure that you have a camera and microphone. Once you have launched the app, it’s as simple as opening it back up for future meeting times. Once the classes start, the instructor and the small group start right into their interactive learning that always ends in elation and lots of smiles. My daughter can hardly wait for the next session to begin and she talks about each one for hours thereafter.
The program incorporates some really creative elements, like going on adventures and completing challenges. The super exciting part is that they are offered virtual gems for completing the activities. The gems can be used to redeem real-life prizes that range from art supplies to really cool toys. This reward system especially resonated with my daughter and has helped motivate her to put in the extra work and start to see Math in everyday life. She has gained so much confidence along the way and no longer sees Math as a chore but as a fun and useful activity.
Another thing that I really love about the program, is that they send post-session parent updates after each live session. The instructor sends personal notes in an email about how each student has performed, little things that they learned about each other, what they explored that day in class, and what to continue to work on for next week. Such a great tool for the parents to stay engaged and help support them in the process. Also, a great way to journal the progress throughout the journey. (I’ve provided a sample of one of our updates below in the post)
There are so many great things about Wonderland Math, most of which come from the live interaction and team play environment that cannot be replicated. There are student dashboards and many other tools to assist the students with their learning along the way to supplement the amazing online sessions. Not sure how else to explain the magic that happens while they are in the class, but the bottom line is that the system works! I hope that if you have a child at home or in your class having difficulty grasping concepts in Math, that you will give this a try. Even if your child already loves Math but you want to supplement that with another great experience, you should sign them up. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the strides your child will make and the confidence they will gain from just one session a week.
If you do decide to try out the program and you feel the same way we do, please share in the comments below. We are all here to help each other be better mothers and teachers and give our kids the best tools to become awesome humans. I hope that your family also grows to love Math as much as mine.
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Post-Session Parent Update Sample:

Lucille did a spectacular job today. So glad she found this group of kiddos. She’s a great addition to our Tuesday crew. Please let me know of any areas of concern, and I will be happy to assess during our time together.

This week in Wonderland Math, we explored the properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, and regular polygons. We practiced drawing polygons with straight lines and creating closed figures using our line tools on screen. Whenever we have a vocabulary-intensive lesson like today, I try to incorporate music, rhythm, movement, drawing, and repetition to help with memory – storage, retention & retrieval. Please continue to work on naming & drawing: triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, & octagon! Thanks.

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How It Works

Watch this informative video to see how Wonderland Math works.

Wonderland Math | The Smart After-School Activity

We’ve had a wonderful experience so far with Wonderland Math. Be sure to follow on Instagram as we update you on our homeschool journey.