Its back to school time so I am gearing up for the new school year. As much as I love hands on activities I still love to have a few learning websites in my back pocket to supplement our learning. I have looked at so many sites and there are a few that really stand out. I love sites that develop strong math and reading skills and my girls love when its fun and engaging. So here are some of our favorite learning websites for preschoolers

Reading Eggs

This might be the one we use the most because there is something for my almost 7 year old and 3 year old on the same site. I pay for the year subscription and have a profile for each of my 3 girls that customizes lessons based on their level. There are games and books and songs and my girls just can’t get enough. They love it so much I use this program as a reward system for them.


Vooks is basically the Netflix for books. The library is made up of some of your Childs favorites stories and they can have the stories read to them. I love that my girls have the ability to get in story time any time they want and how Vooks makes the story come to life with animation.

Kickstart Reading

Do you have a little one who is starting to learn to read or needs help building on their skills? This site is perfect for them! The videos are simple and engaging and my girls have learned so much from watching.

Switcharoo Zoo

This site is all about animals and if your kids love animals like mine do they are sure to get a kick out of these fun games.

National Geographic Kids

Another site that talks about animals and even geography. We base a lot of our geography lessons off what the girls learn on this site.


This is another one of those sites that disguises learning as games and I can not believe how much my girls have learned. I don’t pay for the premium version but I can say the free version has tons to do.


Starfall isn’t just a learning website for preschoolers it has games and lessons all the way up to 3rd grade. This was one of the first learning websites we fell in love with.

Into the Book

This is a great site all about reading. I love how it uses different learning strategies to help your child. This might be a little advance to fall in the learning websites for preschoolers category but I had to add it because it was a favorite for my kindergartner.

learning websites for preschoolers

How we use these websites

I couldn’t share all of these amazing resources without sharing a bit into how we implement them into our day. Most of the time they are used as a reward. If they complete their chores or traditional school work they earn 30 minutes of educational screen time. There are times I do work it right into our lessons. So for example if we are learning about space I will schedule 10 minutes to watch space videos or play a space game. My advice would be to leave the screen time for the end because I do notice a difference in attention span after the screen time.

I also want to share that I am a working mom and there are some days that are busier than other and I do rely on the girls getting screen time so I can get work done. I feel better knowing that they are at least learning and working towards their goals with these educational websites.

Follower Recommendations

  1. Mystery Science – wow this is incredible, I cant wait to check it out more
  3. Sheppards Software

So there you have it! Our favorite learning websites for preschoolers. This list is always growing so be sure to check back often to see what new websites we have added.


Have a favorite website for your preschooler? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Here area a few of our favorite learning resources.

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learning websites for preschoolers
learning websites for preschoolers