I’m not sure that words can accurately express the amount of joy we experienced in such a short stay in this beautiful village of Positano. It’s picturesque drive along the Mediterranean coast line, such overwhelmingly positive greetings from all the locals, the breathtaking sights at every turn, and the delicious flavors of the cultured fare served by family-owned establishments. What’s not to love about this gem of the Amalfi Coast!?!

Visiting Positano with kids is not only doable, but highly recommended. Follow along with us and relive one of the most unforgettable trips we have made as a family. Positano has certainly won our hearts and we hope you get a chance to experience it as well. We will certainly be making it our own family tradition to travel here every chance that we get to come to Europe.

woman sitting on balcony in Positano

Where to eat in Positano with kids

I didn’t know this before traveling to Europe with my kids, but kids menus are not very common. This can makes things a bit challenging (and expensive) but not impossible to find something your kids will like. I found that the restaurants we visited in Positano were very accommodating in regards to modifying meals for our kids. We did pastas with no sauce and cheese pizzas, most places were happy to find something that could work. 

La Sponda Restaurant

La Sponda is the Le Sirenuse’s Michelin-starred restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its exquisite views. The terrace is surrounded by lemon trees, beautiful candles, and musicians playing Italian love songs. They offer a chef’s tasting menu and impeccable service that is more fitting for a parents night out, but could certainly accommodate everyone in the family. If you want a table, be sure to book it several months in advance and be prepared to spend some money to properly enjoy yourselves. Also this restaurant allows kids ages 6 and up.

Restaurant L’ Ancora

The Restaurant L’ Ancora is a newer addition to the area and is a fairly informal setting that includes some typical Mediterranean cuisine. They also offer classic recipes of the Positanese tradition, prepared by their very own executive chef. It is perfect for families and offers some amazing views of the scenic village below, especially at night. I highly recommend the Sea Bass and the Spaghetti Bolognese, as they were both delicious. The Aperol Spritz is also a great choice to pair with dinner or beforehand as an aperitif. This restaurant is a great choice if you want good views and do not have reservations.

family in Positano restaurant

Terrazza Cele

Terrace Celè is a restaurant that I really wanted to try but did not make reservations for. It owes its name to Celeste, the founder of Hotel Marincanto. Set in a spectacular area of Positano, Terrazza Celè offers a more refined dining experience that is surrounded by a secluded garden terrace facing the sea. The restaurant has some wonderful dishes that even the locals talk highly about. They will accommodate the entire family, just know that it is on the more expensive side and should be reserved far enough in advance most times of the year. 

Chez Black

Chez Black was one of our favorite meals while staying in Positano, as well as one of our favorite experiences. The staff was fun and full of character and made us feel right at home. The menu was spectacular and the taste of every dish was better than the next. We enjoyed the Seafood Scampi with local mussels, clams and huge prawns that were presented like lobsters atop decedent angel hair pasta. The kids enjoyed the spaghetti and meatballs, which was our favorite of the trip, and the calamari that was outstanding. To top off the meal, the waitstaff presented us with an enormous piece of homemade Tiramisu that was by far the best we’ve ever had! I also sipped on a traditional Limoncello as we were entertained by some of the staff playing with the kids.

Francos Bar

I didn’t make it to Francos this trip but it definitely is a must see. The views here are incredible and the decor is so beautiful. Make sure to get there early as it gets really busy, especially for the most sought after tables close to the edge.

eating pasta in Positano

Where to stay in Positano

Hotel Savoia

The Hotel Savoia was a true blessing on our trip to Positano! It provided absolutely everything that we could ask for in a destination hotel; from warm and friendly service to amazing views of the Amalfi Coastline. There’s not one thing that I would change about our trip or experience at the Savoy, therefore it is my only suggestion on where to stay! (for now!)

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Things to see in Positano

Positano is a small and picturesque town known for its beautiful beaches, colorful buildings, and romantic ambiance. If you’re planning a trip to Positano, here are some of the best things to see and experience:

Path of the Gods

If you’re up for some hiking, the Path of the Gods is a must-see attraction in Positano. This trail offers breathtaking views of the coastline and takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area.

Santa Maria Assunta

This is the main church in Positano and a great spot to visit for history and architecture enthusiasts. The church features a beautiful dome and an impressive collection of art and religious artifacts.

Spiaggia del Fornillo

This is another beautiful beach in Positano that is less crowded than Spiaggia Grande. The beach is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Villa Rufolo

This is a stunning villa located in Ravello, a short drive from Positano. The villa dates back to the 13th century and features beautiful gardens and stunning views of the coastline.

Grotta dello Smeraldo

This is a fascinating natural cave located near Positano that is known for its emerald-green waters. Visitors can take a boat tour of the cave and admire the stunning rock formations and underwater scenery.

Positano Town Center

The heart of Positano is a picturesque maze of narrow streets and colorful buildings. It’s a great place to stroll around, enjoy the local shops and restaurants, and take in the charming atmosphere of the town.

Il Sentiero degli Dei

This beautiful hiking trail is located just outside Positano and offers breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. The trail is about 8 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours to complete. Along the way, you will see beautiful wildflowers, ancient ruins, and stunning views of the sea.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

This beautiful church is located in the center of Positano and is known for its beautiful dome and colorful majolica tiles. The church also houses a 13th-century Byzantine icon of the Black Madonna, which is said to have miraculous powers.

Torre di Grado

This ancient watchtower is located on a hill overlooking Positano and is known for its stunning views of the sea and surrounding countryside. The tower was built in the 16th century to protect the village from pirates and invaders.

lemon gelato in Positano


Things to do with kids in Positano

Spiaggia Grande

Spiaggia Grande is the main beach of Positano and the center for many events and activities. The beach is lined with very comfortable sun loungers, small tables and umbrellas for rent and are well worth the 25Euro each. There are nearby bathing and changing areas as well for rent. They also offer chairside side service from the nearby restaurant including lots of great food and drink options. It is very easy to spend an entire day there with the family, taking dips into the clear water, exploring the promenade, and just enjoying the sunny seaside views.

If you are looking for a less expensive option there is a free beach but it does get quite busy so I would get there early to reserve a spot. In my opinion paying for the chairs is well worth it, we had so much more space and it was almost empty on the day we were there. Plus we chose the chairs all the way on the end which gives the best views and how we got this epic shot of the cliffside.

TIP: The beach is made of mostly rocks which can be a bit uncomfortable. They can also get very hot after a day in the sun. I would suggest bringing water shoes for your little ones to help.

Fornillo Beach Positano Italy

Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach is a little further down from the main village, but also offers beach umbrellas and sun loungers on a private beach. This beach offers a bit more exclusivity from the main thoroughfare of the promenade in Spiaggia. Fornillo also has a bit more lush greenery and is tucked into a cliffside backdrop that allows for some additional shade.

To get there continue walking past the main pier. It is a bit of a longer walk but worth it if you are looking for a less crowded beach.

Take a Boat Tour

Because the city of Positano is so reliant on the sea, we felt that we needed to explore it in all its wonder. We decided to take a private boat tour of the Positano and Amalfi Coast with Jolly Boat Positano. This was one of the best decisions we’ve made on any vacation we’ve ever been on. Not only was it a beautiful day and calm waters, the tour was awesome and we had a blast. We explored some of the locals favorite spots, we experienced blue and green grottos with no crowds, and we jumped off of cliffs into the pristine waters. The pictures we got on this tour were some of the best of the trip as well. 

Even though the tour to Capri is one of the most popular, we opted for a tour of the Amalfi Coast instead. This was a great decision because it gave us more time to swim and a lot more privacy.

One of the highlights of the day was a trip to a little cliff where we could jump. My husband loves this kind of adventure and I was surprised to see my girls even try. It was definitely a memory we will cherish forever.

(Check out my videos below to see exactly what I mean).

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cliffs of Amalfi Coast by boat


Right outside of Hotel Savoia is a little pedestrian walkway that takes you right to the beach. It also includes so many darling shops. Everything from clothes to sweets, you can find really unique items. We dont do a lot of shopping on our trips, the memories are our true souvenirs, but I do try to find some special items for each of the girls that they can actually use. Each of my girls had a little bit of money from their grandparents and my oldest found the most darling lemon dress that she decided to buy. I was even able to fit in her packing cube when we left. My other two girls got little bags of lemon candy and we even bought some small lemon soaps for family members. Scott surprised me with a beautiful hand painted print of Positano. All of the items we found were so small we were easily able to fit them in our bags. 

Visit the other towns in the Amalfi Coast

The Sita bus can take you to most of the other towns and is the least expensive option but if it were up to me I would rent one of those antique cars or have a driver take us. (Driving in Italy is scary). Another option would be to take a boat or ferry. 

Take a Vespa Ride 

One thing we didn’t have a chance to do on this trip but would love to next time would be to take a Vespa ride down the coast. After my girls watched the Disney movie Luca they have been obsessed with Vespas. This is a great way to get amazing views and explore different towns.

Hike the path of the Gods

One of the recommendations we heard the most was to hike the path of the Gods but we ran out of time. This is on on list for next time (and when my girls are a bit older) because we heard the views are incredible.

Things to know about Positano

If you are looking for an idea of cost then I am here to help! For me, knowing how much I have to save for can help with planning a family vacation. Here are most of our expenses:

  • Hotel – $1,305
  • Airfare – $476 (from London to Naples)
  • Transportation – $240 (private car from airport to our hotel and back to airport)
  • Private boat tour – 500 Euros
  • Food
    • Breakfast included in our stay
    • Lunch was usually around 40 euros
    • Dinner we splurged and chose some of the better restaurants and they ranged from $150 – $200
    • Drinks are 7 – 15 euros each (alcoholic)
  • Shopping
    • Souvenirs $20
    • Beach Rentals $80
    • art $15
    • Clothes $75

Please keep in mind that this is what we paid but there are many different price ranges for accommodations and dining. Since this was a short part of our 30 day Europe trip, and one of our big bucket list items, we spent more here than we normally would at one of our stops. If you are looking for more budget friendly accommodations you can definitely find them. As someone who has backpacked before on a very small budget I know first hand it can be done. Stay tuned for more posts on how we budgeted for this trip and more recommendations.

Positano marketplace


When we visited Positano (August 2021) and had to factor in Covid requirements and restrictions. Here are a few things you should know before visiting.

  • We were required to show proof of vaccination and a negative Covid test for our two older girls. Please keep in mind rules are constantly changing so please check their travel site if you are planning a trip.
  • Masks are worn indoors and on transportation. 
  • Masks were not required outdoors but we did still wear them in really busy areas especially the pedestrian walkway that was very busy and small in some areas.
  • The day after we left there was some conversation about some changes to test and vaccination requirements but I am not quite sure what changes were made.
  • For the most part everything is open and busy! We heard from the hotel staff that it was starting to feel like a normal August (which is their busiest month).



The weather in Positano is very beautuiful. The summers are a little hotter, but there is a very pleasant sea breeze. There is often rain in the afternoons, but it blows over quickly and usually leaves cooler air behind. The best weather seems to be around June, July, August and September to be able to enjoy the beaches and be on the water. 

rooms in Positano


As much as we practiced our Italian before visiting we actually didn’t have to use it all that much. About 95% of people we met spoke English as this is a town that accommodates a lot of tourists. To be polite we did try our best to speak Italian when we could but most of the time they responded to us in English. It must have been our accents.

We Will be Back soon Positano!!!

Thank You so much to all of the locals in Positano! We received such a warm welcome (especially from the everyone at Hotel Savoia) and experienced so much hospitality. Everyone we came across on our stay made us feel very special, like part of the Positano family. Parting was such sweet sorrow, but we know that we will return again someday soon.

As you can see, Positano is such a perfect family destination! Want an insider look into what it’s really like to vacation in Positano? Head over to my Instagram to watch us enjoy our time there. So much fun!

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