So here it is. I enticed you and kept you hanging and now you are here to find out the big news… but first I’m going to keep you hanging just a little while longer, dont scroll down and peek please.
For quite some time I’ve dreamt of documenting my days, the exciting and mediocre, for my girls to look back on when they are older. I’ve always been either too scared or too critical of myself to actually take the leap to start a page like this. After quite a bit of reflection I realized my motives are ultimately for my girls. They wont really care if I’m not as pretty as the fashion blogger or not as well written as the adorable instagram pages with a million creative shots. I am not here to compete. Just to be me and to show a little glimpse of what life with these amazing little girls is really like.
It might not look perfect but my life rarely is. I want to share this with all of you with the hope that maybe within our similariities or even our differences we can find comfort. As a new mom, 3 years ago, I yearned for that connection. The moment between two people, the connection even if our views or ideals were not exactly the same, to make me feel whole again. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and here we will talk about the good days and the bad. The pretty things and the ugly. What makes us feel good and what hurts more than we can describe. I hope you will stay around to share this journey with us.
Now to the news you have all been waiting for…
are you  ready…
are you sure…

|Lucille’s dress| Edith’s dress (sold out)|
We are adding a third little pumpkin to our patch!!!

|Jeans|Glasses|Necklace 1 (sold out but here is asimilar one)|Necklace 2|Necklace 3 (sold out but lovethis one)|Top|Leather Vest (similar onehereorhere)|
Yup you read it right, we are PREGNANT! Shocked?!? I sure was. I am already showing quite a bit so I couldnt keep this secert much longer. With all these exciting new things happening right now in our lives it seemed the perfect time to bite the bullet, conquer my fears and insecurites, and jump in head first.
I’ll share all the details with how we found out and what a challenge the first trimester has been in our next post. I’ll warn you in advance it is going to be an emotional one.
We are over the moon and can not wait to meet this new baby. Thanks for coming by to share this exciting moment with us!!
PS. I’d love your feedback as we move on and grow, on our look, on our pictures, on anything really. This is extremely intimidating and I would love to hear any suggestions or thoughts. Thanks so much!