I love incorporating Halloween fun into our Homeschool. One of our favorite activities each year is the Q Tip Skeleton craft. I have been doing some version of this since my girls were 2. What makes this activity to great is that you can cater it for so many different ages and capabilities.

We proudly hang our skeletons on our bulletin board during the month of October but you could also use this activity if you are doing a Human Body science unit.

However you choose to use it this activity is perfect for learning about the human body and getting your hands sticky.

Halloween Skeleton Craft

One of the things we love to do is incorporate a book into our learning activity. This time we read Boneapart Falls Apart which is a favorite in our home. Its about a little skeleton who keeps loosing his bones and his spook friends help him. Here are a few other skeleton themed books we love that you could incorporate into your lesson.

Q Tip Skeleton Supply List

Q Tip Skeleton Directions

First you want to start off by downloading my free skeleton head printable. I have a design for boys and girls!

Q-Tip Skeleton

* indicates required

Inlcuded in the printable pack is a body part label sheet. I created labels that were at level for my 2nd grader but I left some blank boxes so you could add in words for your childs level.

Once you have the skull head and labels printed and cut you want to start cutting the Q tips.

You will need to cut:

  • 4 for the ribs
  • 2 for the arms
  • 2 for the legs
  • and 8 tips for the fingers and toes

See the picture below to see how you glued them to the sheet but truthfully you can glue it any way you like. When my kindergartener was doing this activity I let her have a lot more freedom in regards to how she placed the “bones”.

We foudn it was easier to put strips of glue on the paper first and then add the Q tip.

Once the Q tips are glued down, we started to talk about the labels and decide where they should go, this was a lot of fun for my daughter and she loved that I made it into a guessing game.

We glued the labels down and we were done.

Here’s a TikTok video on how we made ours!

q tip skeleton with labels

A fun, educational, and interactive activity!

I love this Halloween themed and I love that this Q Tip Skeleton craft is educational too!

I would love to see your Q Tip Skeletons if you choose to make them so be sure to tag me on Instagram.

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