Looking for a fun and easy activity to do with your kids while stuck inside? Well, I have the easiest activity ever and you need very little supplies! This rainbow skittles science experiment is sure to impress your kids and give you some major mom points.


Rainbow Skittles Science Experiment

First, you need to find some candy. We used skittles but we have used m&ms in the past and our friends have used other hard candies as well. They all work. 

What the best part of the activity in my opinion? Eating the leftovers.


Second, grab a plate. I find a white plate works best. The colors really pop. You don’t want to use a paper plate because it absorbs the water. 

The best kind of plate is one that has a tiny slope to the middle. My plate might have been a little warped because my rainbow moved to one side over the other. Or maybe it was the table that was uneven.


Start off by lining up your candy in a circle around the outside of the plate. You can make any pattern you would like!

Once you have a complete circle slowly add some warm water to the middle of the plate. Add just enough water to cover the bottoms of the candy. 


Then just sit and wait.


Here is a video of our Rainbow Skittle Science Experiment


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Watch as your kids are amazed by the creation they made. 

My girls really loved this activity and I hope your kids do too!


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Rainbow skittles making a rainbow on a plate