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If you have questions about how we travel, how we homeschool our three girls, or how we capture all of these amazing moments, you are in the right place.

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Explore my favorite products (like backpacks!) and stress less with my easy-to-follow packing guides. I even share my favorite family-friendly accommodations and activities, and flying hacks when you’re traveling with kids.

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Travel Must Haves


Whether you’re new to Homeschooling or just looking for community and additional resources, I’ve got you covered! What you will find here are routine charts, homeschool essentials, guides, curriculum, and so much more!


I’ve spent the last several years getting together the equipment that works best for me. Here I will share my favorite DSLR cameras, adventure cameras, and accessories so you too can become a photography pro! 


Here you will find a my all-time favorite posts like; Must Have Road Trip Items, Anna Maria Travel Guide, Hocus Pocus Halloween, and many others!

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Currently Loving

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For the Kids

Not sure how to keep your kids busy when they are home from school this summer? I have you covered with over 30 Pinterest Mom ideas that are simple and won’t break the bank.


From Easter bunny cinnamon rolls to birthday parties your kids will love, I’ve got all of the Pinterest Mom ideas to keep your celebrations over the top while under budget.

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Hocus Pocus Family costumes
hocus pocus halloween
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