There are so many great things about Halloween that I love. I love the decorations, I love making creative snacks with my kids, but the costumes have to be the part I love the most. Choosing what the family is going to be for Halloween each year is a pretty big deal around here. We throw around ideas all year, dwindle it down to a few top contenders, then come October we make the choice and go all in. This year we chose the Sleeping Beauty Family Halloween Costume.

Over the years we’ve done some really great family costumes. We’ve done Hocus Pocus, we’ve done Hamilton, and even The Greatest Showman. This year, we went with a costume from one of my all time favorite Disney movies, Sleeping Beauty. Read along to see how we put together the ultimate Sleeping Beauty costume for the whole family. 

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather costumes for girls.

I call this family costume “semi-DIY” because I took items I found online to build out the Sleeping beauty characters. This is my favorite way to find costumes for my family for a couple of reasons. First, you won’t see anyone else dressed exactly like you like you would if you bought it off the rack. Second, you get to use your creativity to make the costume even more extra. Here is how I put together each of the costumes with the items I purchased.

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DIY Princess Aurora (Briar Rose) Costume 

Because this movie was one of my favorites growing up (my sister and I sang the songs when we were kids) I was super excited to be able to dress up as Aurora. Also, I couldn’t choose just one of my girls to play the princess, there would be a huge fight over that one. So mom got to play the role of princess for our Sleeping Beauty family Halloween costume. 

What you’ll need:

  • Gray/Tan skirt– You’ll want this skirt longer, think almost floor length.
  • Beige shirt– This beige shirt has the collar built in!
  • White collar – If you own a beige shirt that will work you just add the collar in separately
  • Black shoes – Any kind will do. Or you could go barefoot like she does. But if you’re walking around trick or treating, probably not the best idea. 
  • The hair– Because not everyone has gorgeous blond locks like Aurora, a wig may be necessary. I think mine weighed 20lbs. It was heavy. But it was beautiful.  :) 

How to put the costume together 

Don’t let this list of items scare you off. I know this looks a little longer than the rest, but with my help, your Aurora costume is going to be amazing. Plus it was actually really comfortable compared to most costumes off the rack.

Most of it is pretty straight forward, but make sure you wear the white long sleeve under the black corset. I used a safety pin to secure the collar so it would stay put. And don’t forget to drape the scarf around your back and onto your arms. To complete this look, add in her signature black headband over your wig. I just used a piece of ribbon I had.

Other Aurora Costumes

Of course if this feels like too much work, believe me it surprised me how much I ended up putting into this costume. You could always go with the simple, but elegant pink dress and crown look. Either way, you will look amazing! 

DIY Prince Phillip Costume 

No Disney movie, or costume would be complete without the prince now would it? And my husband took this role very seriously. He did such an amazing job. I am always so thankful he follows along with my festive, over the top, family costume plans. He really is a prince. 

Prince Phillip costume - Sleeping beauty family halloween costume

What you’ll need 

  • Black belt with gold buckle – Dent have a belt with a gold buckle and don’t want to buy one? We just used a piece of cardboard and pained it gold. We just taped it to a black belt he already owned.
  • Tall black boots – You’ll want these about knee height. Or you could use these costume boot covers. Just add them over black shoes you own.
  • Red cape– No prince is complete without his cape and gold button to fasten it. 
  • Red hat- If you have some extra felt around, like we did, you can make your own hat as well. We just used a hot glue gun to adhere to triangle pieces of felt together.
  • Cardboard – we used cardboard to make the gold medallions for the belt and cape.

How to put the costume together

Now to put together your Prince Phillip. You will want to start with the black long sleeve top first. Then layer the tank and belt to create the look of the armor. Follow that up with the pants, cape, and hat.

If you are using the shoes cover versus real boots, they are super easy to put on. You just place them on top of your band with the elastic underneath your shoes. Gives the look of tall boots but a lot more comfortable.

Prince Phillip Costumes

DIY Fairies (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) Costume

As always my girls stole the show with this costume. And I absolutely love it.  I don’t think it could have been any more perfect to have them dress up as the 3 fairies. Their personalities seemed so fitting and I was so in love with how I managed to pull their costumes together and how well they did. 

What you’ll need 

  • Dresses– As I’m sure you now know, there are 3 Fairies that take on the motherly role of Aurora in this movie. So in order to put this costume together you will need a blue, green, and pink dress. 
  • Matching capes- Blue, green and pink again. I had trouble finding the exact match so I opted to buy fabric at the fabric store that matched. I attached it with a safety pin and used the same cardboard with gold spray paint from Prince Phillip for the broaches on the capes.
  • A pointy hat- I made these with the same fabric from the capes and used spray adhesive to attach them to witch hats we had on hand.
  • Tulle – I used tulle to create the ties
  • Petticoat – If you really want to give the look of “floating” the petticoat is the perfect extra touch
  • Fairy wings– Because what fairy costume would be complete without these. 

How to put the costumes together 

And last but not least. The most perfect little fairy costumes that got my girls all the attention from our Sleeping Beauty family Halloween costume.

I found the cutest little dresses that had lace flowers on the front. But any dresses will work. You just need to make sure they are the signature colors of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

The hats were a bit tricky for me to find, so I improvised. After much thought I realized that a which hat was the PERFECT shape. I couldn’t find the colors I needed, so to get the color and style that was required I covered them in the same fabric I made the capes out of. To get the bow look up top and keep them on I used some colored tool to wrap around and tie under the chin. 

Add some shoes (any will do, think comfort over style. I’m sure you’ll be walking a lot and those cute shoes are almost never comfortable. And the dresses are long enough that you won’t see the shoes much.) fairy wings, a fun wand and your fairies are all set. 

Other Costume Ideas 

  • Maleficent– Black dress, black and purple cape, walking stick or staff of some sort, horns. 
  • King Stefan– Long black and gold dress style cloak, gold colored shoes (but black would work perfect too), gold crown. 
  • Queen Leah- Pink and purple dress, matching cape, gold crown. 

Costumes for the pets 

If you’re feeling even more festive, you could get your family pets involved and dress them up to match. Here are a few fun ideas for the furry friends in your life. 

  • The owl
  • Diablo
  • Maleficent’s goons 
  • Prince Philip’s horse

Sleeping Beauty Family Halloween Costume Video

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“They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true” 

I really hope that by sharing my Sleeping Beauty Family Halloween Costume that you realize it’s possible for you too. It doesn’t have to be crazy and over the top, it can be simple.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 
Will you go Disney? Or classic halloween? Do you love scary Halloween movies? Maybe something not even Halloween related to mix it up. Either way, if your family dresses up I would love to see it. I love new costume ideas. It helps me plan our next outfit. Tag me on Instagram or Tiktok if you do!