I had the opportunity to take the girls to preview the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. I was a Sega lover as a kid, and I was so excited to see how they brought one of my favorite video games to life. Could this work? A video game with really loyal fans would be a hard adaptation. Also, could they make this fun for the generation who didn’t recognize Sonic as an iconic character? Here is the Sonic the Hedgehog movie review and what you need to know before taking your kids.


The Movie

The ridiculously cute blue hedgehog, Sonic, ends up in a small town on Earth after escaping some big trouble on his home planet. Sonic navigates life on Earth, trying to stay under the radar and avoid trouble. He learns the meaning of friendship and finding a place to call home. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik tries to steal Sonic’s powers, he works with friend Tom “Donut Lord” Wachowski to face his fears and fight off the Dr.

Tom and Sonic get into tons of mischief along the way which had my girls laughing most of the movie.


Is Sonic the Hedgehog for kids?

Yes! Even though my daughters had no connection to this game themed character they found him loveable and funny. A double win when choosing a movie they like to see. Sonic the Hedgehog had equal parts children and adult comedy (little jokes that were over their head) which made this fun for the whole family.

I didn’t find the scenes with Sonic fighting to be violent, actually the opposite. The few fighting scenes had some cool special effects like Sonic slowing downtime and dodging bullets. I found this to be refreshing and actually made me like this movie even more for my young girls. 

Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) was the perfect villain. His over the top character added the perfect amount of silliness to not make him a scary villain for little ones. 



Overall my girls loved Sonic the Hedgehog, and what makes it even better is my husband and I really enjoyed it too. 

Sonic’s sense of humor and teenage-like personality made him relatable and fun to watch. Jim Carrey is at his best and the duo of Dr. Robotnik and Sonic make for an action-packed movie that will leave you wanting more. 

This is a great movie for your kids (and I don’t think the gaming fans will be disappointed as well). Get ready to laugh and fall in love with these dynamic and hilarious characters.

Grab your tickets for Sonic the Hedgehog, n theatres February 14.

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