My spices used to be a disaster. Expired bottles, random spices I didn’t know I had because they were hiding in the back, it just wasn’t functional. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to change it. I am so happy with the transformation. My new spice cabinet is not only pretty but helps me see exactly what I have so I cut down on waste. I did this project on a budget and I am sharing all my favorite items for the best ways for spice rack organization.

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Spice rack organization must haves - modern spice rack - spice rack DIY

Spice Rack Organization Must-Haves

Glass jars

These are amazing and create such a pretty look to this and other spaces. Being able to see the spice through the jar is also helpful for recognition and refill timing.

3 tiered spice jar stand

Great way to add some depth to the space and the ability to see everything available. This will allow for easy reaching and keep the spices organized year round.

2 tier lazy susan

Such a good way to use the space and be able to access several oddly shaped items in a corner or deep shelf. I love using these in small cabinets and in my pantry too.

Wall Mount Spice Rack

Here is an awesome way to display your beautiful glass jars or nicer containers. If you do not have the cabinet space, it also helps with easy access for cooking.

Spice Labels

Labels are a must when organizing anything and there is no exception here. To complement the tiered stands, having proper labels will allow simplicity and function.

Wooden Top Spice Jars

Wood gives you the classic look and goes especially well with tile. It will dress up any wall shelves and does keep the spices extra fresh.

Acrylic shelves

Acrylic (see through) shelves give another style to displaying your spices and go very well on backsplashes. Use these insode cabinet doors or even the side of your refrigerator for crowded spaces.

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